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“Fantastic Beasts 2: Grindelwald’s Crimes”: Dark magician Gellert Grindelwald (Johnny Depp) searches for allies.

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8:15 pm, ProSieben, Fantastic Beasts 2: Grindelwald’s Crimes, Fantasy

Magician Newt Scammer (Eddie Redmain) discovers that Credence (Ezra Miller), believed to be dead, is alive and in Paris searching for his biological family. At Dumbledore’s (Jude Law)’s request, Newt goes to France to rescue the boy, as the magician Grindelwald (Johnny Depp) is also behind Credens. Can Dumbledore’s allies defeat Grindelwald’s evil plans or fall into his own hands?

8:15 pm, Das Erste, Nord bei Nordwest: Ho Ho Ho !, Crime Thriller

The Christmas season is not exactly what Schwanitzer thinks. When the ferry stops working and the pit in the neighboring village collapses, the place is cut off from the outside world. Then a stranger shoots Santa Claus and the party is completely in danger. At rest Santa Claus Martin stood up for his friend – did the deadly shot aim at him?

8:15 pm, ZDF, Dalli Dalli – Christmas Show, Game Show

In fast-paced games, everything revolves around Christmas and New Year’s Eve this evening. Don’t miss the special moments with the great Hans Rosenthal who made “Dalli Dalli” one of the most popular game shows. Many celebrities, including Michelle Hunsiker, Jorge Pilao, Annette Fryer, “Bully”, Bastian Pastevka, Hans Siegel and Arabella Keysbower, are in the two-man team behind the ratings.

9:45 pm, First, Who Picks Up the Dog ?, Married Comedy

Hamburg Aquarium Director George Lehner (Alric Tukour) and his wife Doris (Martina Gedeck) can be satisfied. But instead of redesigning their recovered relationship into a good old man, the two face separation because George has a relationship. Doris is particularly pained to see Laura (Lucy Haynes), a very young zoology doctoral student, as the “woman” of her life. To soothe his conscience, George engages in separation therapy. Unfortunately, he does not have the necessary sensitivity, so the abandoned woman immediately takes strong action.

9:50 pm, RTL, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Adventure Comedy

The 1995 cult film with Robin Williams is a sequel to this fantasy adventure. Instead of a board game like in the previous movie, a video game attracts its players to the Jumanji world. Thus the four students end up in the adventure jungle, transforming into game characters (including Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black and Kevin Hart). Only when they achieve the goal of the game can they escape from danger.


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