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Friday TV Tips

“Snow White & the Huntsman”: Eric (Chris Hemsworth) impresses with the bravery of Snow White (Kirsten Stewart).

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20:15 Uhr, RTL, Snow White & Huntsman, Fantasy

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Is Queen Raven (Charlize Theron) the most beautiful woman on earth? Only through magic and the carved heart of Snow White (Kristen Stewart), the daughter of the beautiful king, can she maintain her beauty. But the hunter (Chris Hemsworth), appointed by the evil queen as a killer, changes fronts and Snow White and the eight dwarves decide to take up the fight against the dictatorial queen.

8:15 pm, ZDF, Christmas Eve with Carmen Nobel, Christmas Show

Who would not have dreamed of celebrating Christmas Eve in the mountains with open fire and beautiful Christmas music? Carmen Nobel makes it possible this year. She meets Patrick Lindner, Francine Jordi, Peter Krause, Alpine KG, Albert Hammond, Matse Knopp, Alphonse Schubeck, Johann Laufer and many others in the comfortable alpine pastures of Tyrol.

8:15 pm, Tele5, An Opportunity – Once in a Lifetime, Biography

In the dim Welsh Port Talbot in the eighties, a boy finds his passion for singing. However, in the decade of punk rock, Paul Potts (James Corden)’s dream is not the sound of harsh guitar riffs, but the classic sounds of opera. This unusual taste gives him a difficult youth. However, he remains true to his desire to become an opera singer. But the big breakthrough still has a long way to go.

8:15 pm, 6x, Keinohrhasen, Romantic Comedy

Ludo (Til Schweiger) was sentenced to 300 hours of community service – in a day care center, everywhere! His supervisor, Kindergarten teacher Anna (Nora Shirner), is not exactly sympathetic to the newcomer; After all, she knew him from the past when he played with her. So Anna ruthlessly uses the opportunity for revenge first. But the initial enmity turns into friendship – even love in the end.

10:35 pm, RTL, The Chronicles of Narnia: Morning Travel, Fantasy Adventure

Their annoying cousin Eustachius Nilech (Will Poulter), Edmund (Skander Keynes) and Lucy Pevensi (Georgie Henley) testify to how water begins to flow from a mysterious painting and flood the room. When they appear, they are on the shores of Narnia, and in front of them is the magnificent ship “Dawn.” On board, her royal friend Caspian (Ben Barnes) and the valiant Elijah Ripship wait for them on a mysterious mission to save Narnia from an unfortunate future.


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