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Press Review of the Lottery – Hard Landings and Northern Irish Penalty Memories – Sports

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That’s what the newspapers write about the Swiss national team’s disappointing goalless draw against Northern Ireland.

  • “Dear Swiss, it was awesome.” (Tags-Answer)

They entered the game as favorites with a 0-0 win over Italy on Sunday. Now you already see that the coach’s unpredictable behavior does not give you direct points. Their small advantage over Italy is that they have already gambled. If you want to learn Swiss this evening, you need a lot of imagination. What they promise is not trivial, it is powerless, unimaginative and indifferent, in short: terrible.

  • “Young people from Northern Ireland fight each other for a decent draw” (Irish News)

Goalless draws are rarely memorable, but it was a memorable result for a Northern Irish team of seven starters aged 24 or under.

(…) Bailey Peacock-Farrell’s second penalty save, another painful defeat against Switzerland after a controversial penalty. Northern Ireland lost their World Cup qualifier four years ago after an even worse penalty decision against the Swiss.

  • “That was Cefero-Nix in Belfast!” (See)

Following on the pitch was not enough compared to the needs of this team. Creativity is terrible, and only active classes can confuse Northern Irish a little. The quality of Granite Kshaka and Sherdan Shakiri is not seen everywhere. Except for a penalty, there was not a single chance to score.

  • “Bailey Peacock-Farrell-der Erut Penalty-Hold” (Belfast Telegraph)

Peacock-Farrell once again captained Northern Ireland after a crucial penalty in the second consecutive qualifier. When a feeling of injustice arose (against the Swiss? Of course not!), The man in the magic gloves quickly dismissed it. A right-footed shot and a borrowed Sheffield stopper on Wednesday blocked Seferovic from scoring.

  • “0-0 – A Hard Landing in Northern Ireland” (NZZ)

After the 0-0 win over the Northern Irish, the Swiss almost disappeared into the dressing room. The motto was to get out of here as soon as possible. Check it out, the same rival will continue to qualify for the World Cup in Geneva in October.

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(…) Defending a loved one is one thing. Establish another domination against the outsider. Yak could not prepare his crew for it.

  • “Harris Seferovich’s Terrible Punishment” (Patron)

Peacock-Farrell’s parade shows Switzerland’s unrest after Harris Seferovic’s terrible penalty.

In the penalty shootout, the Swiss tried to fill the void left by their striker, but Barracklow’s men were found to be tough and Rock-hard defensive duo Sieron Brown and Daniel Ballard denied them space and openings.

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