Presidential: Elsewhere, the Bretons have not made it their turn – between the two rounds of the Bretons.

Presidential: Elsewhere, the Bretons have not made it their turn - between the two rounds of the Bretons.

On Sunday, 42-year-old Sebastian said in frustration, “Angry! In fact, I thought we would pass, “said Jean-Luc M മെlenchon, who voted in the first round of the presidential election. Unlike 64.8% of French expats, those on the list and those who left – more than 930,000 out of the 1.4 million who registered – were forced to vote by Sebastian last Sunday. “I have been living in Dublin, Ireland for 20 years. But France is still my country and I feel involved in it. I say to myself that this is a great country financially, so if France adopts pro-environmental proposals, for example, other countries will follow suit, ”says a man who grew up in Plugasno (29).

Sebastian, an expatriate in Ireland for 20 years, changed his mind about whether or not to vote for a second term during his vacation in Normandy. “Many of today’s speeches echo in the 1930s.” (The Telegram / Julie Le Com)

It is this closeness to his hometown that drives Sebastien to vote in the second round. “On Sunday, I was very upset. At that point, I told myself I was not going to vote.” But then he changed his mind: “In reflection, I tell myself that prevention is still important. Today, I am in Point du Hock, Normandy, with my family, visiting the landing beaches. Some far-right speeches echo the words of the 1930s. Sebastien then found it impossible to overtake Penn in Marine. “I will vote for Macron. It’s like plague or cholera. But unlike Le Pen, I can tell myself that with Macron, he can make up for everything he destroys, especially socially.

In Barcelona, ​​Emmanuel Macron came in first with 39.15% of the vote, followed by Melenchon with 24.48%.
In Barcelona, ​​Emmanuel Macron came in first with 39.15% of the vote, followed by Melenchon with 24.48%. (DR)

Macron leads the poll

The outgoing president came in first with 45.09% of the vote among French expatriates. “Many expatriates work or often travel in multinational companies. Macron is appealing because he’s very European, unlike Le Pen, ”Dubliner added. Jean-Luc Melenchon came in second with 21.91%, followed by Eric Semmour (8.67%), followed by Yannick Jadot (8.17%) and Marine Le Pen (5.29%).

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According to Reno Le Bere, a 54-year-old expatriate from Barcelona who has been a consular adviser to the French, “there are a number of polling stations where expatriates are less likely to get involved with French politics.” But the omission may be due to “difficulties in creating a power of attorney,” adds Barcelona, ​​who is also the candidate of the “Union of Left Ecologists” in the legislative elections for the fifth French constituency abroad.

Making a Power of Attorney is difficult

This is the last reason why Mathilde, 28, a theater maker and a resident of Iceland for almost five years, did not vote in the first round. “I wanted to do it in advance a few months ago to find out the steps to be followed and prepare a certificate, but nothing was clear on the embassy’s website,” he said. I said in my mind that I would see it later, when I wanted to take care of it, it was already too late. For other elections, I can proxy online for European elections, but not for presidential elections. ” In the second round, Mathilde intends to catch up: “Next week I’m coming to see the family in Morlex (29) and I will use the opportunity to vote. Even in the legislative elections, I will vote because the Power of Attorney from Iceland can be made online, which makes things easier.

In Brussels, “a long line”

A little closer, in Brussels, the turnout was slightly higher than average, at 43.95%. “There was a long queue to vote on Sunday,” explains Simon, a 32-year-old engineer from Binik. “It simply came to our notice then. What’s more, as an expatriate, even if we are not affected by national action, we will continue to be representatives of our host country. In his opinion, having an extreme right-wing president in France can cool our image of the French abroad.

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“In addition to non-exclusion, France has a higher expatriate population and a geographical vote share,” he said. “In Berlin, Yannick Jadot won 15%”, four times more than in France. Another example is Tel Aviv (Israel), where the share is 10.8% and Eric Semour 55.1%.

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