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President Reagan replaces the US in Sanciano’s biography

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President Reagan replaces the US in Sanciano’s biography

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Rome – ” Reagan – President who changed American politics ”. This is a biography of TG2 Gennaro Sancialiano, the 40th tenant of the White House, to mark the 40th anniversary of its inauguration. On November 4, 1980, Ronald Reagan was elected President of the United States. It’s an avalanche: Ronnie, as friends call him, has won in 45 of the 50 states; It is an insult to Democrat Jimmy Carter, who called for re-election. Despite the numbers, Reagan’s rise to the White House wondered: a former Hollywood actor familiar to television audiences, holding the helm of the planet’s greatest superpower?

Is this a dangerous gamble or an event ahead of its time? Ronald Wilson Reagan is actually an American story. Born in Tampico in 1911, a small town in Illinois at the time, the small “Dutch” – nicknamed “Family” for chubby lines on the face – grew up in a geographical area that is the heartbeat of the starry country and the stripes of the Midwest. His father was an Irish Catholic with no regular work or alcohol habit, and his mother was devoted to the church of Christ’s pious disciples. After graduating in business, Reagan arrived in Hollywood almost by accident, leading a decent life in the film world until he discovered the importance of political commitment. The ascent to the Grand Old Party has now taken shape.

Forty years after the inauguration of Ronald Reagan at the White House, a detailed and fascinating biography is presented to the most popular president in modern America, full of information, news and events. The ideological and cultural architect of “revolutionary conservatism” and ideology, the characteristic statistician of the last decades, Reagan is also the president of the United States who defeated Soviet Communism and won the Cold War – as Margaret Thatcher says.

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