Premiere for the new Thursday Crime Series …

Das Erste  “Der Masuren-Krimi”: Premiere für die neue DonnerstagsKrimi-Reihe mit … presents a press release: The first “The Mussoorie Crime”: The premiere for the new Thursday Crime Series …

Munich (ots) – “Friederix Erbe” on May 20, 2021, “Catch shot” on May 27, 2021, always at 8:15 p.m.

Untouchable Nature, Wilderness, Forests, Thousands of Lakes, Infinite Areas: Claudia Izinger, Sebastian Holk and Carolina Lodge’s New Team have a new arrangement for the “First Thursday Thriller,” with Mussoorie in northeastern Poland steeped in rich history.

On Thursday, May 20, 2021, the “Mussoorie Crime Thriller” celebrates its premiere: Claudia Izinger Berlin Forensic Scientist Dr. Victoria Wex, who returned to her Polish homeland for personal reasons, ends up in a criminal case there. Her unique ability to read from crime scenes separates the lone KT Euler – and attracts former detective Leon Pavlok, played by Sebastian Holk, who returns to the small village of Passim as a village policeman because of his daughter. Against their will, the investigation team infiltrates a network of family issues in “Frederick’s Legacy”. The two heroes have a special relationship with Commissioner Sophia Kovalska, who was introduced by Carolina Lodiga, and is not excited that Victoria, as Paulawk’s ex-wife, has twice invaded her territory. Anno Saul directed the new Thursday crime thriller (Camera: Martin L. Ludwig).

Claudia Izinger, Sebastian Holk, Carolina Lodiga, Vizola Sanovicz, Natalia Bobileva, Christoph Francesc, Cornelia Hayes, Christoph Lessinsky, Alexander Held, Janina Stopper, Anton Spike

The first shows will follow “The Mussoorie Crime: Friederix Erbe” on May 20, 2021 at 8:15 pm, and “Mussoorie Crime: Catch Shot” on May 27, 2021. Both films are ready to be retrieved from the ARD Media Library two days before and six months after the first release.

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“Der Maseren-Krimi” was produced by Odeon Fiction (producers: Philip Voges and Alban Rehnits) on behalf of ARD Digeto for ARD for the slot “Donorstaggrimi im Erste”. Marcus b. Altmeier (“Friederix Erbe”), Thomas O. Ulli Stephen is responsible for the screenplay, which is based on an idea by Valentine (“Fang Shot”) and written by Ulli Stephen. Editing with Barbara Soman and Katja Kirchen (both ARD Degeto).

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Image Source: EN-KRIMI, Thursday (May 20, 21) at 8:15 pm and ERSTEN at 12:25 am, first online Monday (May 17, 21) at ARD MEDIATHEK
Forensic Technician Dr. Victoria Wex (Claudia Icinger), Village Policeman Leon Pavlov (Sebastian Holk)
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