Premier League – Brendan Rogers, should be taken seriously … as he always did

Premier League - Brendan Rogers, should be taken seriously ... as he always did

It wasn’t the most beautiful in the FA Cup finals, no, but it was the most dramatic and, most of all, the most dynamic. For the fifth time in a row, it was the right time for Leicester City, the only English champions to be included in the list of the oldest trophy in the world. Let’s leave the celebrities “Game Facts” Including this offside of a few millimeters from Ben Chillwell, who broke the hearts of Chelsea supporters in the 89th minute. In a shot from Mary Ma Mount, we can spot Yuri Tyleman’s goal and Caspar Schmeichel’s extraordinary parade, which we all end up in the back of his net.

All we remember will be the uproar of the entire Wembley audience, the whole people celebrating the Fortisimo – if only for the duration of a meeting – the first victory against this cursed virus. We will still be reminded of a community like how football can still offer us, a sport that can be sold by combining billionaires with an amazing remedy against all super leagues. The last whistle will be remembered the embrace between Brendan Rogers and owner Ayawat Srivadhanaprabha – “Top”.

It was not only Lester fans who were strangled when the two fell into each other’s hands, and then when the “top” was upset, he owed it to his family as he lifted the trophy in the direction of the fans who knew how much they were doing. A large banner, high at the Grandstand, commemorated Vichai, who died in a helicopter crash two and a half years ago at the gates of King Power Stadium. It is true that there is no greater joy than to be joined by sorrow.

Leicester City chairman Khun Top celebrates with Brendan Rogers

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Football hipster

At the heart of this triumph of emotion, a man was not known to succumb to the provocations of his sensibilities. Usually, Brendan Rogers is careful to hide anything in him that could be interpreted as a sign of weakness, including the expression of emotions that he turns into a toy. Unlike a klop or a thump, he does not transform his technical field into a stage where the role of the coach involves body and soul in all the activities of his team. We see that he is writing some notes in his notebook. We hear him call back to the order (the order he defined, the order he gave) his voice players, which became his trademark, with two fingers in his mouth and Privart’s carne. But he never loses his composure. Is it by nature or by calculation? Maybe both.

We always have the feeling that he is doing everything we need to take seriously, that we are always watching him, that he is afraid to see some kind of ‘cheat’ in him, as if he is sitting deep within himself, but rather a form of anxious narcissist, which is not a contradiction. This is not a paradox. This syndrome is often seen in their job or workforce to live and work consistently in the eyes of others, those who are aware of their value but live in fear of judgment. This insecurity can serve as an inspiration. As the terrible actress Sarah Bernard once said to an actress, the stage boasted about not knowing what fear was, “Mademoiselle, you know when you can”.

Celtic coach Brendan Rogers after the UEFA Champions League Group B match between Paris Saint-Germain and Celtic FC on November 22, 2017 at the Parc des Princes in Paris, France.

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In addition, for some, defense systems need to be built. In the case of Rogers, this translates to the need to impose on others that he has not always mastered the skill he believes in. I had the opportunity to see him when he was in Swansea. It was already clear that this young manager (he was not even forty at the time) had “something” – just look at his Swans game to be convinced. But it was clear that he felt a curious sum of money to justify himself by pointing out a legitimate course, and that there was something to be ashamed of in his speech, with references and borrowings from Castilian. Like many coaches, he came to his job because of the need of his choice, and a genetic knee disorder forced him to leave a professional football player when he was twenty. Jose Mourinho – whose name has always been quoted, as if Jose should always be his guarantor – has been given the custody of a Chelsea reserve youngster.

Among the former players are technicians Valencian Juan Sol, Madrid’s Jose Luis Albiol (uncle of defender de Villarreal Albiol), or Alex Garcia, the young coach of FC Barcelona, ​​and the club he admires more than anything else. This man from the Catholic community in Northern Ireland (he now defines his identity “British, Irish”) Wanted to be seen as a football cosmopolitan. A “Hipster”, to be honest. His distinct way was to establish a coaching personality that contradicted the archive of a traditional British manager. “My goal is to prove that players from our country can play like those from Barcelona.”, Then he told me.

Changed image

Leicester City’s Brendan Rogers is no longer Swansea’s Brendan Rogers. If the style of its teams has evolved, it is “Ideology” Football (his favorite word than that) “Philosophy”) Has not fundamentally changed. Of Position game For Barcelona, ​​who made Swansea a team in the championship, and in the Premier League after promotion, Leicester still have the ability to control the ball (with 55.6% of the points ranked sixth in the PL), but are more in control of the ball.

The game has evolved, and the man has changed, well, less. However, the film he is projecting in England is related to what he should be based on his achievements. It’s hard to take seriously the people who care about it for you. It’s his personality, a mixture of insecurity and selfishness, a personality we can compare to David Brent’s character in “The Office”, which is not appreciated. Rogers seems unable to laugh at himself. He seems unable to comprehend how much the image of a football thinker is portrayed in public dramas against him – in the microcosm, no one doubts his abilities.

Liverpool manager Brendan Rogers with Raheem Sterling

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His time at Liverpool is still unusual in that we sometimes present failure – relatively, but “Failure” After all – when he led the club so close to the title he had hoped for since 1990, with a workforce other than Luis Suarez, Jൻrgen Klopp was nowhere near as well-served. Similarly, when we salute the unbeaten Rangers season with Steven Gerrard at the Scottish Championship, it is not like we greeted the two consecutive trio who won with Rogers, the boys set a record of 69 games in all Scottish games, never failing.

For Leicester, this top club, which failed to qualify for the Champions League last year, spent only $ 20 million as the pandemic broke their momentum. He is the tenth highest paid Premier in the Premier League, replacing net Euro cloud pool after all Rogers. May the Foxes win against Chelsea this Tuesday night and Europe will approach them again. Perhaps we will realize that this communicator, eager to be respected and even to be admired, is one of the best coaches of his generation.

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