Preity Patel exploits ‘severe situation’ UK lorries face ‘thousands’ stranded | Politics | News

Preity Patel exploits 'severe situation' UK lorries face 'thousands' stranded |  Politics |  News

The Home Secretary was asked to clarify how many lorries were affected after the M20 was disrupted. Ms Patel confirmed that the number of 900 lorries was around 900, but the BBC’s John Kay pointed out that hundreds of lorries were not included in the statistics.

Mr Kay said: “You mentioned the number of lorries, but I think people will be a little surprised this morning because we can not clear it.

Your colleague, Grant Shops Transport Secretary, said last night on Downing Street that 170 lorries were stuck in the M20, and we found it to be close to a thousand overnight.

“Why this discrepancy, why that difference?”

Ms Patel told BBC Breakfast: “First of all, the number of lorries continues to fluctuate, so it will be different from what Grant said yesterday morning.

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“There are fluctuations in numbers. I think Highways England confirmed this number was around 900 overnight, but those numbers are always changing.”

The BBC host replied: “They are officially counted numbers, but hundreds more are parked where they are.

“Isn’t this a terrible situation?”

“The French are talking about getting a testing rule, how fast can you get it?”

Niall Patterson questioned the Home Secretary during an interview with Sky News about the possibility of extending the transition period beyond the December 31, 2020 deadline.

Patterson said: “It’s very accurate, but it’s always useful to hear from an adult like you.

“Are there any plans or temptations to seek any kind of extension to that Brexit transition?”

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MS Patel replied: No.

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