Pregnant woman disputes Texas traffic ticket with legal argument against abortion | the world

Pregnant woman disputes Texas traffic ticket with legal argument against abortion |  the world

A pregnant woman from the state of Texas USAShe contested a traffic ticket imposed for driving alone for cars with multiple passengers with a legal argument against abortion: the fetus is considered a person.

Brandi Botton was pulled over by police in June for crossing the strip. To trans agents, she was alone in the car, The Dallas Morning News reported.

When the officer asked if there was another person in the vehicle, Bottone pointed to her 34-week-old belly and replied, “Here it is.”

The incident took place on June 29, days after the Supreme Court verdict USA Outlawing abortion leaves the decision in the hands of the states as to whether to terminate a pregnancy.

Texas state officials and anti-abortion rights advocates argue that the fetus should be considered a person. That was the argument Botone used to get fined US$275 (about R$1,500).

“In light of everything that’s happened, I’m not trying to make a big political point here, but you do realize this is a baby?” the 32-year-old woman asked the police officer.

Discussion in other areas

The legal shift to consider fetuses as persons will have implications in areas other than reproductive law, as this case exemplifies.

In 1973, the US Supreme Court ruled that the right to abortion was legal. The country’s highest court overturned the conviction this year.

Last year, Texas passed one of the toughest anti-abortion laws, allowing it only until the sixth week, when many women still don’t know they’re pregnant.

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