Pregnant Egyptian mummy wows scientists…with ‘new discovery’

Pregnant Egyptian mummy wows scientists...with 'new discovery'

The archaeological examination of the ancient Egyptian mummy was in the collection of the National Museum in the Polish capital. WarsawThe first known case of a pregnant mummy was revealed in April 2021.

found that motherWhat was originally thought to be the body of the priest Hor Jehoti was actually a woman, new research by a team of Polish scientists shows that the woman in bandages, the bearer.

Now, a new study suggests the pregnant mom had a rare type of cancer, which has scientists baffled. ArchaeologyAccording to the Daily Mail.

When researchers in Poland scanned the skull of an ancient corpse, they found unusual markings on the bones, similar to those seen in nasopharyngeal cancer patients, and the scientists concluded that the mummy might have died from the same disease.

Nasopharyngeal cancer is a rare cancer that affects the part of the throat that connects the back of the nose to the back of the mouth.

Images from the Warsaw Mummies Project in Poland show a skull with lesions caused by a tumor and large deformities in areas of bone not normally present in embalming procedures.

By revealing the historical events of cancer, it is hoped to expand the knowledge of the development of cancer and contribute to the development of modern medicine.

Additional research can also determine the cause of oropharyngeal cancer, for example, whether it is related to a viral or genetic infection.

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