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Pre-season changes to the League of Legends will include new mythic items

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League of Legends‘2020 season Almost done, Which means that developer Wright Games is already leaving out details about what to expect next season. A The preview was released on Monday, The lion’s share of the changes that the riot will bring before the 2021 season have given riot fans their original look at the game’s remake.

Rebellion changes items from time to time League, It’s always slow; Either spend some time, or focus on one type of item. But the rest of the games are in a fantastic place, the riot is decided, and finally it’s time Reconstruction LeagueTop to bottom items.

This means that all the smaller component items and the larger items they make are now called legendary items, and even the item shop is getting changes next season. But there is a new item in this post that has got more and more attention.

The new additions are called Mythic Items, and are designed to be the most important item in each player’s game. These items will have strong effects, increase the number of other items you buy and provide tons of valuable statistics. Each player can only hold one of their belongings at a time, and depending on the riot, they will always be your first item.

One of the focal points of the riot when developing these new items is the choice of players on how they will play. Rather than making an item that is objectively the best, players should decide which mythical item they are making in a game based on the elements in that game, rather than making and playing the game.

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To make this possible, the Rebellion created a set of rules called the Item Balance Framework, which ensures that each mythical item is complied with. For example, a Mythic item must have a build rate of more than 60% on any champion, and no more than 2% success rate compared to other Mythic options.

Riot Pre-Season 2021 Item Balance Framework
Picture: Riot Games

Rebellion also says that if a mythical item is used by two champions outside of its intended role, it will change the item to ensure that they are used as intended.

All of these changes will require adequate scrutiny, so Rebellion plans to present these changes in the general beta environment sometime in the near future. New legendary, mythical items and new item arrangements will remain on the PBE until the end of the season, which will usually be sometime in November. At the end of the season, Rebellion will release a pre-season patch that will include a new item system for players to try out until the season officially begins in January 2021.

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