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Youth Festival at Medjujorge

The 32nd will take place from 1 to 6 August Youth Festival in Medjugorje . Opportunity for the unity of the Church with the thousands of young pilgrims who live Experience and message of the transformation of Our Lady “Gospa”: A morning and afternoon prayer program with songs by the orchestra and international choir, catechism, testimonials, followed by prayers with rosary, candlelight vigil, candlelight vigil, prayer before crucifixion, community service (community).

The presence of the cardinal should be noted among the many priests and priestesses who attended the celebration of the people during the festival. Robert Sarah, Archdiocese Luigi Pesuto, Apostolic Nuncio to Bosnia-Herzegovina, Archbishop Thaddeus Wojda, Bishop Guido Galileo and Father Milgenco Šteko, Province of the Franciscan Province of Herzegovina. “The arrival of Cardinal Sarah is a great event and great joy for all of us. Young people rejoice when they see shepherds with them and young people praying and praising the Lord.He explained Father Marinko Šakota, Parish Vicar of Medjubori, then addedThe Youth Festival in Medjugorje is a wonderful experience of faith and prayer.

The fall of Satan

Expectations are rising among pilgrims around the world and the fidelity of Our Lady of Medjugorje for the words that the Queen of Peace delivered to Marja, the direct seer of the evening: a month ago, in a message dated June 25 The importance of transformation Prayer in the Dark Ages We live by these words.

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«Dear children! My heart rejoices, for all these years I have seen your love and an open mind to my calling. Today I call on all of you: Pray with me for peace and freedom, because Satan is powerful, and he wants to take as many hearts as possible from my mother’s heart by his deceptions. So God decided to be happy on earth. Thanks for responding to my call“: The Message of Our Lady It continues with the proposition to freely convert to the Creator God, giving man the possibility of recognizing his own celestial body through Mary and his Son Jesus. Every day he rejects the deception of the devil.

Today, July 25th, we are translating the message of our Lady of Medjujorge

«Dear children, it is only through prayer that your heart will change and you will become more sensitive to God’s Word»: Said Our Lady of Medjugorje In the message of January 25, 1998, but remarkably thematic in our complex times of epidemics, society is divided on practically everything. Waiting for new message, Arrives with visions every 25th of the month from the vision of the Queen of Peace Marja Pavlovic, The prayers and devotion of the pilgrims begin to return to Medjugorje to be accurately represented. A true sign of “faith” in a place that has been in the world’s attention for 40 years.

«You must experience the atmosphere of Medjugorje and that prayer and worship. We must personally follow the path of the Rosary and the Via Cruz, the story is not enough“, He explained beautifullySIR Agency on July 19 last The Bishop Henrik Hosser, Pope’s special envoy to Medjugorje. To this day the person in charge of the pastoral care of the pilgrims in Medjugorje “Many people are truly transformed in the depths of their heart, and there are many cases of career awakening and life change. The pandemic did not change anything except the number of people there, as many people were prevented from realizing their desire to go there in person..

Madonna’s “sign” in Medjujorge

Visits Bosnian Spectator Places in July as well Cardinal Stanislav Divis – John Paul II, former Archbishop of Krakw and personal secretary of Carol Vojtila from 1966 to 2005 – underlined how.Medjugorje is a place of great prayer and transformation through prayer, Confession and penance. The visions are not so important, but it is a meeting with the Mother of GodAt the Vatican, the path to recognizing Our Lady’s presence in MedijuGeorge has been “suspended” for 40 years, waiting for the end of 40 years of uninterrupted views and messages Attracting people to the Bosnian village is not “supernatural”“, As Bishop Hosser still describes:”We pray together in the rosary, celebrate the Eucharist, and then give people bread daily, and the church has been doing that for millennia. After the Eucharist, prayers for healing are often said. Nothing in particular. Many pilgrims in Medugorge rediscover the worship of the Blessed Sacrament, the end of which is usually praised by the people. And That applause somehow turned into a Medugorje sign. Often in the West, due to increasing secularism, churches resemble the spiritual desert. This is different in Medugorge. That is why I invite everyone to come here.

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