Prabhu – Prisons and Dragons: The first pictures of the set have been revealed

Prabhu - Prisons and Dragons: The first pictures of the set have been revealed

The new Dungeons and Dragons movie is going well. The feature film released the first shooting photos. We find a particular Hugh Grant in his villain suit. Find all the first pictures of Dungeons and Dragons in Game-Lord.

There is also a release date for the film version of the famous medieval role-playing game. Some actors already claim that this will be an unacceptable event for the biggest fans of the role-playing game.

Hugh Grant as the villain

These first pictures are not official, they come from us Daily Mail He was able to take unpublished pictures of the shooting taking place in Northern Ireland. This is an indication that the shooting is going well. In these films, you can see Michelle Rodriguez, Jason Wong and Chris Pine approaching for the lead role in 2020.

What would a good adventure movie be without a big bad guy? Forge Fletcher will be the rival to this big screen adaptation of Dungeons and Dragons. The role is handled by Hugh Grant. The actor was kind enough to share romantic comedies and shine in amazing adventures. His long beige coat, shown in the photo above, shows you the first look of the actor, Forge Fletcher.

5-star cast

Looks like Paramount wants to do things right for this new adaptation. Game Night co-signing directors Chris McKay and John Francis Daily are in charge of the project. They added a 5-star cast that brought together some of the biggest names we saw in Wonder Woman 1984, including Chris Pine, and Michelle Rodriguez, who starred in Fast & Furious 9, made a great start at the US box office. Crisis.

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Casting prisons and dragons

This fourth adaptation is expected to perform better than previous Dungeons and Dragonous films. 2000 (Courtney Solomon), 2005, and 2012 (Jerry Lively) are far from masterpieces in film history. Chris McKay and John Francis Daily want to make a film worthy of a role-playing epic. Also, one of the actors in the film, Reggie-Jean Page, had already said that this match would be a “Big sigh to Dungeons & Dragons fans around the world.” Let us cross our fingers that he was right.

A release is scheduled for 2023

The release dates of the prisons and dragons have already been revealed. The movie will hit theaters on March 1, 2023. So fans will have to wait patiently before watching the movie or even the first trailer. In the meantime, we invite you to watch movies on Netflix this July. Also note that a Dungeons and Dragons video game is being developed in Hidden Path Entertainment. It will be an AAA title with a third party look, as will some footage from Far Cry 6, a fantasy RPG, and an open world that offers heavy stuff. Case to follow !!!

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