Power Star movie review: RGV surprises Pawan Kalyan fans and make them fall in love with his film


RGV’s movie Power Star stillTwitter

Ram Gopal Varma’s much-talked movie Power Star has received positive reviews and ratings from the audience. The controversial filmmaker has made furious fans of Pawan Kalyan fall in love with the film.

Ram Gopal Varma claimed in the past that he is a fan of Pawan Kalyan and he would wish to see him as the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh. But his recent rant against the actor has irked the latter’s fans. Ever since he announced Power Star, the actor’s fans have been boiling with anger. The promos of the film have rubbed the salt on the wound with many trolling and attacking the director.

Pawan Kalyan fans praise RGV

After a lot of turmoil, Ram Gopal Varma managed to start streaming Power Star on his OTT platform named RGV World Theatre from July 25. Before its release, some Pawan Kalyan fans threatened to crash his platform, but post it hit the internet, their response has shocked many people in the film industry, as they have praised the filmmaker.

As shown in promos, the first 27 minutes of Power Star is a satirical take on Pawan Kalyan’s weaknesses that resulted in the failure in the last general elections. But the last 10 minutes of the film are stunning, as Ram Gopal Varma presenting himself as a true fan of PK. He ends the movie with an announcement that Pawan Kalyan will emerge as the Chief Minister in the 2024 elections.

RGV's movie Power Star still

RGV’s movie Power Star stillTwitter

Ram Gopal Varma is winning many hearts for his brilliant work. The filmgoers praised him for wonderful characterisation, cast, script and other technical aspects. All the actors have given good performances. The only problem with Power Star is that RGV had told that it is a feature film, but in reality, is that it is a short film with 37 minutes runtime.

Power Star movie review: We bring you some viewers’ response to the film shared on Twitter. Scroll down to see audience reactions.

MurthyJ @murthyjanamanch

After watching #PowerStar movie, my respect to @PawanKalyan develops to a great extent. I feel he is very genuine heart, circumstances actually people around him,more importantly his fans made him annoyed much all through.Wishing pavan kalyan a great cine & political life ahead. Coming to the technicality of this movie, master mind @RGVzoomin printed his mark all through with his super casting sense n making them act so naturally. Though it looks like satirical at first portions, it eventually takes the momentum to showcase it as a clean emotional one. Esp. Interview scene with katti mahesh, where pavan answers are greatly fitting which are unanswered in reality by the star so far, He talks about few important subjects such as nepotism, polygamy esp about fans behaviour very constructively. It ends up as the best scene that way. Later @RGVzoomin cameo comes, the best part of the movie i say, Rgv comes up with great #Ramusim philosophy n talks very constructively covering every major bit of the star’s journey he had observed so far&steals the show with his own mark taking.Thats it. Cast & crew take a bow Its to be understood at end that #Ramuim @RGVzoomin  takes over #Pawanism & created for us to witness #Rampawanism which is even more POWER full than both Ramusim & pawanism #PowerStarmovie #RGVWorldTheatre

Cinema Central@cinemakottagai

#Powerstar – This is not a feature film, it is a short film with run time of 37 mins. As usual in @RGVzoomin film, the film starts with incoherently written scenes which kind of mocking #Pawankalyan by showing his weakness. But I was pleasantly surprised by the last 10 mins, RGV’s cameo and some sensibly written dialogues and scenes, RGV tries to jot down the points which lead to the election defeat and the things needs to be done to overcome in the next election. One time watch! #PowerStar – Kudos to the guy who has donned the role of Powestar Pawan Kalyan, he has done well.

Movies N Music @MoviesNMusic3

#PowerStar: A hilarious entertainer in the current situation. Depicts the present situation of #PowerStar. Every frame for 27 minutes was pure entertainment followed by unnecessary monologue by @RGVzoomin.  A visual treat for all the fans of Telugu Film Industry.

Ramji K Sakpal @Ramji_Sakpal

Finished watching #PowerStar Movie Actually movie is good especially last 10mins of RGV suggestions to Powestar absolutely correct, I hope the gap between them will clear with it @RGVzoomin #powerstarreview #Pawanakalyan

Helen Joy @helenjoy99

I thought something but seriously ended up in a different way. RGV sir neither insults hero Pawan Kalyan sir nor tries to make fun of him #PowerStar You’re a true fan of PSPK .A short film with a sweet warning to people who praises him unnecessarily. single scene with EX CM

NaviN Tweetz @naveenkumar_345

Watched #PowerStar Apart from mimicking, manersims and funny content… @RGVzoomin message to PawanKalyan seemed to be so honest …. Bajana Batch ni first pakkana pettali … Pk …

Vam$i aπe NeπU ™ @This_is_AVKR

 @RGVzoomin’s #PowerStar has no content of a new troll on @PawanKalyan. It has all the existing trolls but believe me RGV’s constructive criticism is highly appreciable.! I believe , RGV is Biggest fan of PK . Even PK fans admire RGV if at all they are true ones.

Ayodhya Ram @rammyrams

 As a PK fan i felt last few mins of your screen presence in power star movie is just treat to eye’s..#Respect #powerstar

Vihari @KnowThyVihari

RGV is the only well wisher & true fan of power star. The honest opinion and clear analysis in the climax depicts the reasons for power star failure in politics It reminds me of Krishna’s  suggestion to Arjuna in Mahabharata #RamGopalVarma @RGVzoomin #PowerStar @PawanKalyan

Pranav @pranav83912038

Being a Pawan Kalyan fan enjoyed every bit of Power Star. @RGVzoomin sir you proved a lot of people wrong and stood as one of the biggest pawan Kalyan fans. Especially the climax where you spoke your heart out. thank you. #PowerStar #RGVWorldTheatre

Vijay Kalyan @VijayKalyan05

@RGVzoomin Endhuku sir antha manchi cinema theesi endhuku thitichkunnaru. Anyways a good movie sir. Congratulations to you and your team of #PowerStar

Sai Anudeep Singaraju @sai_singaraju

After watching PowerStar I feel like @rgvzoomin is the biggest fan of PowerStar Pawan Kalyan. #rgv #pawankalyan #powerstar

Hope⚪ @Demensch1

Watched #Powerstar movie.Felt @RGVzoomin is genuine but his attention seeking attitude makes him seem a floater. He says he constructively criticized @PawanKalyan to which i disagree.

DeepTweets007 @DeepTweets007

Fans mistook !! @RGVzoomin has not shown #PowerStar negatively..Last 10 minutes intensity & RGV’s acting is next level..Seriously no one would have expected that climax with the way movie started mocking #PowerStar..Rgv is true #PowerStar fan & showed what a real fan should do

Prasanth Telanakula @IamPrasanthT

We should accept the facts. Whatever there in our minds as @PawanKalyan fans about the reasons for our @JanaSenaParty failure & Anger on betrayals he faced.. the same is projected by @RGVzoomin in his #PowerStar movie.

Krishna 2.0 @Tweeet_krishna

@RGVzoomin is true & big fan of @PawanKalyan & @JanaSenaParty U will realise when u understand last 10 mins of #PowerStar movie.

Why So Serious ! @SurrealZak

Saw RGV’s #PowerStar – He Declared by breaking vodka glass that 2024 CM of Andhra Pradesh is going to be Pawan Kalyan 100,000% without a doubt. *Conditions Apply

VakeelSaab26 @VakeelSaab26

No doubt #PowerStar is a Masterpiece & Hats off to Ram Gopal Varma garu..Now @PawanKalyan Fans must go to RGV office & Thank RGV for giving this Gem of a movie #PowerStar #Pawanakalyan #VakeelSaab

CineManiac @sreekar08

#PowerStar @RGVzoomin is a genuine fan of PK…bhajana batch valla sanka nakipoyadu ani baga chupinchadu…high time @PawanKalyan realizes that… konni jokes baga pelayi….wish the movie was there for longer duration

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