Power change in Europe, but not all countries are ready

Power change in Europe, but not all countries are ready

Buying an electric car is now the most convenient and environmentally friendly option in terms of cost and consumption, but Not many charging stations are available in all European countries, including Italy. In this sense, the Netherlands is the first country in terms of number of stations: there are more than 24 for every 10 square kilometers.

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I. Netherlands Get ready for the green turn. As proof of this, in addition to the number of charging stations available, this is also the approximate average estimated charging cost. 184.6 euros per yearImmediately following Turkey E Romania. In the Netherlands, the government knows how to promote the promising purchase of electric cars Incentives, subsidies and bonuses for citizens. Going to second place Croatia, 531 stations (a very high number compared to the limited population). Includes notable and unexpected numbers LatviaThe average annual cost is 202.17 euros. Italy ranks 10th, but ranks fourth in the number of charging stations Compared to the size of the country. They end the ranking IrelandWhere 80% of electric cars are recharged at home, Cipro, Greece, Iceland (Second with 904 stations, only one with faster charging) and DenmarkExaggerated annual top-up costs (€ 640.83) and very little infrastructure.

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