Positive to do, i.e. close contact – Eco de Savona

Positive to do, i.e. close contact - Eco de Savona

Home is the place where you are most affected by disease. This is bad for positives, they have to stay in their room, bring food or other necessary items, leave the door, they have to wear a mask even at home, and family members have to stay on the ship (14 days). The virus is usually transmitted by asymptomatic (asymptomatic) (healthy carriers, together with 15 ‘) young people at home. The most dangerous points are the bathroom and shower (the virus is spread especially through feces) Have a separate bathroom or pay attention and hygiene through sanitation. Symptoms: Fever, cough, loss of smell and taste. Vomiting and diarrhea in young children. In this case, first of all, it is important to give the patient all possible reassurances without showing fear and anxiety. Fear is the feeling of being kept in the dark, not understanding, not knowing things, not telling the truth. Older people also have dual weakness, living in isolation adversely affects the brain, fear of meeting someone is bad, loneliness is bad, bad. Especially after the age of 75. To strengthen well-being (all), pay attention to form, mood and memory, do gymnastics following temporary online programs or go around the house several times, get up (5 times) 4/5 times a day. It is useful for maintaining relationships, reading, speaking out loud, reading a few pages, mentally repeating what you read, and making 4/5 phone calls a day. From Monday the 26th, the openings for the yellow and orange areas, but not all are free, with a rational risk for a better situation, and prudent optimism. There have been 16,000 new positives and 429 deaths during the observation period, but hospitals are overweight, while EMI Johnson evaluates the vaccine, and it is safe to say that vaccines have been developed and approved in emergencies. Emergencies, so follow them carefully and cautiously. Of the immunizations in Italy, 75% are over the age of 80, growing in the 70s / 80s, while reservations for the remaining classes begin. Restaurants will be reopened for lunch and dinner dot door spaces, schools and museums as long as the infection is contained. La Meloni, critic of myopia; The government is cracking down on municipalities for requests for open spaces if they contain infections. On the other hand, schools are in trouble due to unresolved shortcomings in transportation, and due to road hazards the measures do not meet the requirements and requests of the concerned departments. Choices are difficult, not everyone’s happy, and always making yes means making mistakes. Ultimately, the country hopes for help, in the heat of the moment, for a drop in parameters. For the movement of people, a European green passport is studied from July, and an Italian for travel between the regions from June with a negative vaccination pass or certificate. Draghi expects a clear recovery from the economy in view of the planned expansion support. At Sacki Standby, it is not an easy solution because of the moral / religious problem rather than the Italian problem. Philip’s funeral will take place in private, as he explicitly requested. Frozen weather between. The USA and Russia are aggravating the situation in Israel, Iran, Ukraine and Afghanistan. Great powers are committed to finding solutions that are not simple.

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