Portuguese finalist for the Irish Architecture Award

Portuguese finalist for the Irish Architecture Award

“During the recession, we did extensions. When the recession was over, I went to say that I did not want to see more extensions in front of me. Projects,” said Lusa Agency, the architect in charge.

Two projects prepared by Isabel Barrows finalists in the Residential Extension Renovation category for the 2021 Awards are aimed at recognizing the quality of works in the construction and architecture sectors by Seaview House, Shaolin Cottage and construction companies.

At Seaview House, a typical 1970s cottage by the sea off the south coast of Ireland in the Wexford region, the owner asked for a renovation of the family-inherited house, but Barros suggested something beyond the extension of the building.

“Even though it was 700 meters from the shore, the owners did not know that they could see the sea. The garden was very closed and they never thought to expand it upwards. When designing the house, I showed it to the floor above it, I could see the sea,” he explained.

Isabel Barros challenged the owners to make an extension that influenced the principles of feng shui, in the ‘Shaolin Cottage’, a country house built of stone in the same area, in which the new and the old find balance and unity.

“We have adopted a better approach to yin and yang in relation to the elements, the curves of expansion as opposed to the actual rectangular construction, the convergence inverses. There are a lot of philosophies behind this project,” he explained.

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