Portugal is an EU country with the least value of exports outside the EU – economy.

Portugal is an EU country with the least value of exports outside the EU - economy.

Portugal is a country in the European Union in which the added value of exports to third countries, including its own, is low. According to Eurostat figures based on figures from 2019, sales to out-of-community countries accounted for only 11.7% of the value added to the Portuguese economy. The opposite is true for Ireland, which accounts for 50.7% of the value of the European Union’s export – backed economy.

According to Eurostat, in the year immediately preceding the Kovid-19 pandemic, an additional 85 2.585 billion worth of goods and services were exported to non-EU countries in the European Union. This value represents 20.7% of the total value added to the community space.

Looking at this reality by country, Germany seems to be the most valued member country as a result of out-of-community exports – which can also be considered the largest European exporter.

Eurostat underscores that the $ 745.2 billion value addition in Germany supported EU exports. The eurostat article stressed that “the value of export support in Germany is second and third higher than that of France (369.2 billion) and Italy (290.6 billion) than the combined value”.

But relatively, that is, when analyzing the weight of value generated in each member state depending on the category of community exports, Ireland tops the list.

Portugal is the country with the lowest value-added results in community exports, including those derived from the Portuguese economy. According to Eurostat, 6.5% of the value of the Portuguese economy comes from direct exports, of which 3.4% are indirect and 1.8% from other countries.

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Even so, the national economy is a total beneficiary of exports to other European countries because its benefits outweigh the costs added to the value added created in other member countries.

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