Portugal is a team with better qualities than Ireland

Portugal is a team with better qualities than Ireland

Mainz Mains, owner of the Bundesliga team and one of the key figures in Luxembourg, spoke to reporters during a preview of this Tuesday’s game with Portugal, referring to the qualifying stage for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The 21-year-old midfielder believes the Quinas team will be on the field to avoid the disappointment of the recent draw with Serbia, a game in which the referee’s team does not validate a goal in a match. Machines. “I think so. They didn’t get three points. It was a disappointment. I think they will be aggressive in the duels and put pressure on the referees for the mistakes they make,” he said.

Luxembourg comes from a stunning victory at home against Ireland. Can this achievement be repeated now in front of Portugal? As for Leonardo, Fernando Santos’ people have better arguments than the Irish, but he promised to go to war. കളി Saturday’s game was completely different. We could have won, it deserved, but tomorrow [terça-feira] This is a different game against a team with better qualities. We need to be disciplined from the first to the last minute. We will try our best to play a good game and see what happens in the end, ”he said.

Leandro Barreiro, who is fluent in the language of Kamis, has Angolan and Portuguese roots, explaining why he chose to represent Luxembourg. Lu I was born in Luxembourg. I have origins in Angola and Portugal. I chose to play in Luxembourg because I lived and studied here until I was 16 years old. The country gave me everything: the chance to play football and I went to school here. I always feel good here, it’s a way to thank the country. That’s why I chose to play for Luxembourg. But this does not mean they are more Luxembourgish than the Portuguese, he said.

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