Portrait. Laura Sanchez was named Player of the Fourth Day of the Women’s Six Nations Tournament.

Portrait.  Laura Sanchez was named Player of the Fourth Day of the Women's Six Nations Tournament.

Lor Sanchez, the scrum half of the Les Blues and Sted Toulouse, was named Player of the Fourth Day of the Women’s Six Nations Tournament. Portrait of a man comparing himself to Antoine DuPont, the best player in the world.

We can not stop Lor Sanchez, half the Scythians of the XV in France, and Stade Toulouse. The young woman was named Player of the Fourth Day of the Women’s Six Nations Tournament for her performance during the Les Blues’ victory (33-5) against Wales on 22 April. The 27-year-old scored two attempts, making her number six in this edition.

Her performance allowed her to finish on top of the general vote for the best player of the fourth day with 39% of the vote. Emily Scarrett, the center of three-quarters of English, came in second with 27% of the vote, followed by her teammate Marley Packer (26%). Italian Michelle Zillari came in fourth with 8% of the vote.

Lor Sanchez grew up and developed her rugby in Toulouse. Born in Lorraine in 1994, she began playing at the Labastide-Beauvoir rugby school before joining St. Orence’s women’s rugby, and was recruited by Avenir Fonsorbaise, which became Stade Toulouse. After her international debut against Italy in 2016, she took a one-year break in the 2017-2018 season, returning and exploding at a high level.

In this 2022 Six Nations tournament, she made a remarkable career in 4 games: 3 starts, 6 attempts, 4 assists, and an average of 60 meters with the ball in hand.

No. 9 is regularly compared to Antoine DuPont, half-scoring in the blues and Stade Toulouse, and was voted the best player in the world in 2021.

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Prior to the tournament, Lor Sanchez lent itself to the exercise of Chinese photography for France 3:

If you were

An animal? A dog. But we have a more complicated life than animals.

Failure? Stubborn. I lost myself in the journey because I was convinced this was the direction to go.

A quality? I think I’m kind to everyone. I do not like conflict, so I always try to make it work for everyone.

A dish? Very classic, pasta. It’s very basic and I can eat it with every meal I think.

A dessert? I like Banofi.

A touch? I never tie my shoelaces. I do them at the last moment when the warm-up starts, and sometimes I start running without my laces.

A movie? Nothing on my mind right now, Le chant du loup.

A series? Classic: Gray’s Anatomy.

An idol? I saw and admired him a lot when Jean-Baptiste Elizalde played here at Stade Toulouse. He’s a player I adore, and he’s really played consciously, even though he’s 9s and 10s.

A song? I can hear everything that is current or old. In my case, everything was fine.

The fifth and final day of the Women’s Six Nations Tournament will be played on Saturday, April 30 against France / England, Wales / Italy and Ireland / Scotland. Lor Sanchez and his team-mates from France XV are expected to win the Grand Slam.

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