Portrait. 6 Nations Tournament: The youngest blogger in the blues, Melisande Lawrence, is a rising, rising player …

Portrait.  6 Nations Tournament: The youngest blogger in the blues, Melisande Lawrence, is a rising, rising player ...

Within the blues, she is the youngest, and growing. The barely 19-year-old winger scored his second international attempt against Ireland on Saturday, April 2, in Ernest-Wallen, a few hectares away from his home. She will start again this Sunday in Scotland for the third match of the tournament.

To say that a young woman overcomes all levels quickly is a little trivial is because she will succeed in almost everything she undertakes. At the age of 19, Melisande Lawrence was never surprised. Last Saturday, at Ernest-Wallen’s Cave, the winger wore the blue shirt only for the second time in his career. First in a holder’s shoes.

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At the very least we can say, she does not feel the weight of the pressure on her shoulders. However, she was under pressure. “I did not expect to be a beginner. At home it was very stressful. My family and my friends were present. I wanted to win my competition,” she admits.

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The test, which was registered for someone who usually moves a few kilometers from the Seven Deniers near Blognock, made the mission even more successful with the first of the game.

Successful integration

In Toulouse, she only needs one ball to shine. Melisande Lawrence, replaced by Maëlle Filopon, won her duel in the 5m corridor. “I was lucky to score early in the game. The effort allowed me to relax a bit, comfort myself and then play more freely,” she says.

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Freed, Lawrence then played her game, trying to create gaps, but she did not succeed. In any case, the Blues, who launched well through his experiment, then dominated without challenge.

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This is the second attempt in the two selections since registering in Vanuatu against South Africa last November. Humbly, when asked if these statistics are “normal”, the blognock winger simply answers. “I’m already lucky and happy to be a part of this group and to have my name on the game sheets.” *

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For her second reunion with Les Blues, Lawrence is learning fast with the help of her colleagues from Blognock as she is seven years old to compose this group of women XV in France. “I do not feel out of place. We talk to each other a lot, which helps me a lot and it facilitates my integration.”

Against Scotland, the 19-year-old will start the second quarter with the Blues for the second time, trying to score a third try in several games to take the Blues to their third consecutive victory in the tournament. “I feel ready to move on,” she admits. A rest all the time and a future waiting for him.

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