Port de Bouquet will host the 2023 World Amateur Rugby Festival

Port de Bouquet will host the 2023 World Amateur Rugby Festival

France will host the Rugby World Cup in 2023, and the matches will take place in the Velodrome in Marseille! The “World Amateur Rugby Festival” is actually organized simultaneously with clubs representing the countries participating in the World Cup in the South. Port de Bouquet will be one of the host cities. Sports, tourism and financial gains are expected.

20 clubs from 20 countries, 600 players, 9 days of competition. It’s the World Cup, but it’s the World Cup. This amateur rugby match is being played across the South at the same time as the original Rugby World Cup in France in 2023.

The project, even labeled “France 2023”, originated with the Digne Club. “This is simply an unprecedented project and the first major amateur sporting event in the history of rugby.“I am proud to inform the organizers that Jeremy Toysier, President of the Digane Club and the Afomora Association, which organizes the event, “It’s a great story, it’s a crazy idea, it’s a reality. The idea is to bring rugby, a club with strong values, back to its origins. (Digne will represent France, for example). We are waiting for the dates of the official World Cup matches to schedule our event from 22nd to 30th September 2023. For example, it will allow New Zealand supporters to come and see their country in Marseille or Nice. “Their club. Amateur” is committed to our competition! “

Hence a match passing through Port de Bouquet. The corporation today signed an agreement with the organizers. Group competitions will be held here, as will the cities of Arles, St. Maximine and St. Raphael. The quarter-finals will then take place in Manasok, Cistern and the final in Digane. The mayor of Port de Bouquet Laurent Belsola is proud of this partnership. “Port de Bouquet is the land of rugby, but we will be the land of international rugby for a week! We are happy to host this global event. This will be a hugely popular event for our young people and our adults. Everything will be free and we want the party to be there. The economic, tourism, human and sports benefits that this level of competition brings are enormous. We already have reservations in Wales, Argentina, New Zealand and Ireland. “ The mayor is excited.

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It remains to be seen who will come to play in Port de Bouquet. The draw for the group stages usually takes place at the end of the month. “Let’s see if it’s France, England, New Zealand or Australia.” A sorry Laurent Belsola.

Watch video interviews with Laurent Belsola, Mayor of Port de Bauck, and Jeremy Taizier, Organizer of the World Amateur Rugby Festival, on JM Dares’ microphone.

In addition to the competition, “rugby2rue” and “rugby @ scholl” will also be working with the youth of the district. “Thanks to the work of all the players, local projects will help unite our population around the Oval Balloon. Amateur sports and allied activities in our city are essential engines that can transform everyday life and awaken life paths.“The mayor of Port de Bouquet insisted when rugby club Martigas shared this adventure with Port de Bouquet. “We want to abandon a tradition that benefits everyone.” Jeremy Toussaint confirms. It is a matter of pride today that children from Port de Bouquet are coming to play tournaments in Digne.

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