Popular cyber security company MalwareBytes claims to have been hacked by those who attacked Solar Winds

Popular cyber security company MalwareBytes claims to have been hacked by those who attacked Solar Winds

Cyber ​​Security Company Malware bytes hacked. Popular security software company says some of your emails were recently hijacked. They point out that the person who did it is equal Solar winds attacked a few weeks ago By hacking various agencies of the US government. Someone behind the attack seems to be having a great time in recent weeks.

According to Malware bytes indicated, They did not use software made by Solar Winds, so they were not attacked because of that attack as happened to many other companies. even though, The same hacking team attacked Another technology is used.

Apparently aggressors They were able to access internal company emails Gets access to Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure environments from malware bytes. With access here, they were able to reach out to various internal company emails.

either way, They say malware bytes do not affect products (their antivirus, security systems) They are still safe to use. If these products were affected, the problem would be even more devastating, especially given that millions of people trust and use their security systems.

Destroyer of attacker to solar winds

He The attack on the solar wind was one of the most important in 2020 Not in vain. Solar Winds software provides tens of thousands of users with data stolen overnight by a single attack.

If you know That the attacker received at that time Steal equipment from Hacking Log in to Firefox and unspecified Microsoft archives With other things. With this material he was able to carry out other attacks more easily.

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Despite the popularity of the attacks in recent weeks, It is not clear who is behind them. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Publicly charged To Russia: “It is clear to us that the Russians are involved in this activity.” For some reason, Russia has denied any involvement in the attacks.

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