Pope’s Big Scissors: The word “end” to the Ratzinger era

Pope's Big Scissors: The word "end" to the Ratzinger era

Each Father He designs the present (future church) in his image and likeness. From Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke to Cardinal Gerard Ludwig Mുള്ളller, from Monsignor Luigi Negri to Cardinal Antonio Caesares Lolovera: the fact that another cardinal, Robert Sarah, does not play a major role in Curia Father And church exponents who are close to the needs of the orthodox.

“Mercy” is a term used to describe how animated blogs, so-called conservatives, reject the above “mercy” in institutional logic. In short, a “mercy” To the Vatican It will become synonymous with “expulsion”. In fact, it is not uncommon to see a Turn Priority based on this or the idea of ​​the Church that the Pope promotes. When John Paul II died, all the leaders of the Holy See were, as Carol Voztila imagined, “prominent” members of the institutional Catholic Church. of course, Joseph Ratzinger It worked differently, but al Pope Emeritus They are often despised, even from the right, for not being able to stay in the “power room”, and therefore for leaving too much space even for opponents.

Stories of other times. Francis’ course is clear: distinguished preachers have a special right to qualify in this area. The origin of the diocese is no longer counted for meetings.

Perhaps that is why recent versions have been reported Sow birth And New Daily Compass, For succession Cardinal Sarah The name of a Franciscan is mentioned: Monsignor Vittorio Field. But that is still a suggestion. The African cardinal resigned after reaching the age of majority. The controversy is not justified. The problem with the Conservative Front is that, as we have already pointed out, other priorities are indicated by the age limit. So – say in those circles – the Pope could reaffirm Sarah. Despite training for an almost automatic renewal, Bergoglio did not allow Cardinal Mueller to remain in the office of Congregation for the Faith of Faith.

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Jorge recreates a design that Mario Bergoglio likes ratzingerism It becomes an easy game. But it would have been strange if Francis had built his church around the men who followed the approach and action of his predecessor. Every pope – it has been said – belongs to him. So, we should not be surprised to keep the progressive distance of those who think as before, so to speak. Although the pope is always in the continuum.

Conservatives, however, are no less, especially within the “base”. In Italy and abroad. Look at the “pro life” or zeal that the streets asked Emmanuel Macron to reopen French churches at the end of the first lockdown, and the orthodox wave in America People seem to be very close to the wars waged by Robert Sarah about the imminent danger of the endWest. But the church was built with the consent of the priests. Otherwise Ecclesia would have formed itself as a political democracy.

At the end of this position, there is little or no left in the Ratzingerian Church. A situation that can be predicted, to tell the truth. The resolution of the advancement of the Catholic Orthodoxy remains, which claim space. With a novelty: after abandonment Benedict XVI, Cardinal Sarah does not even want to constantly mention European and American conservatives. But now the only conservative left in Curia has resigned. The distance between the orthodox foundation and the sacred buildings is likely to widen.

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