Pope Angeles: Like Jesus, he has the courage to “transgress” for love

Pope Angeles: Like Jesus, he has the courage to "transgress" for love

Commenting on the treatment of the leper, Francis invited the faithful to “transgress” with the gospel: to transgress our own selfishness in order to defile themselves with the pain and suffering of another.

Bianca Fracalvieri – Vatican City

For the second consecutive Sunday in St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis with the faithful said Sunday’s sunny and cold Sunday in Rome.

Before the Marian prayer, Pontif commented on the Gospel of the Sixth Sunday, which is commonplace, and tells of Jesus healing a leper. In this episode contained in Mark, Francis recognizes two “transgressions”: the leper who approaches Jesus and Jesus, touches him to heal him with compassion.

The first violation was that of a leper: at that time they were considered unclean and excluded from social life, and could not enter the synagogue. This disease was considered a divine punishment, but in Jesus he could see another face of God: not the punishing God, but the Father of compassion and love, who frees us from sin and never exempts us from His mercy. “Jesus’ attitude appeals to him, forcing him to abandon him and believe in a painful story,” Francisco said.

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Um aplauso esta misericordiosos approval

“Let me give a thought to the clergy who make this kind of good confession: to attract people who are cleansed by sin with compassion … No whip in hand, but accept, hear, say God is good, God always forgives, never tires of forgiving. ”

As he said these words, Pontiff applauded – and he too applauded – to all the merciful confessors.

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The second transgression is of Jesus: when the law forbids touching lepers, it touches him, casts him out, and heals him. It is not limited to words, but it is touching. Touch with love but establish a relationship, enter into fellowship, and even share his wounds in someone else’s life. By this gesture, Jesus shows that God is not indifferent and does not keep a “safe distance”; On the contrary, it is approached with compassion and touches our lives to heal it.

“This is the way of God: intimacy, compassion, tenderness. God’s transgression: In this sense he is a great transgressor. ”

Today, the pope lamented, many still suffer from this disease, while others suffer from social and religious prejudices. But no one escapes the wounds, bankruptcy, suffering, and selfishness that close us from God and others.

God defiles Himself in our wounded humanity

In the face of all this, Francis points out, God is not an idea or abstract doctrine, but one who defiles himself with our wounded humanity and is not afraid to come into contact with our wounds.

“But, Father, what do you say? Which God defiles? I am not saying this, St. Paul: I have sinned. He who is not a sinner and cannot sin has become a sinner. See how God is defiled to approach us, to show compassion and to understand His tenderness. Intimacy, Compassion, Tenderness ”

Social norms, fame, and selfishness often cause us to hide our pain and avoid the suffering of others.

Instead, Francis invited the faithful to pray to the Lord for the grace to live these two transgressions of the gospel.

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“It belongs to the leper, so we may have the courage to break out of our isolation, and instead of staying there and sympathizing with ourselves or weeping over our failures, go to Jesus like us. And the transgression of Jesus: a love that motivates us to go beyond conventions, it motivates us to overcome prejudice and fear of being involved in the lives of others. We learn to be transgressors like these, like the leper and like Jesus.

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