Poor haircut causes “mental trauma” and Indian salon customers have to pay 270,000 USD

Poor haircut causes "mental trauma" and Indian salon customers have to pay 270,000 USD


A beauty salon in India has been ordered by a court to pay customers more than $ 270,000 for a haircut that caused “trauma”.

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Follow AFPThe incident took place in 2018 at the hair salon of a prominent hotel in New Delhi. Ashna Roy, a model, went to the salon and asked Barber to cut her 10 cm hair, according to a lawsuit filed in a US court. Consumption City

“However, to the astonishment and surprise of the plaintiff, the hairdresser cut her hair to a large size, leaving only 10 cm from the top and the rest of the hair reaching to her shoulders,” the documents write.

Roy later filed a lawsuit against the hair salon. The court ruled that the wrong haircut was “traumatic and traumatic” because Ms. Roy made a career and got advertising deals on hair care products because of her long hair.

“There is no doubt that women are very careful and cautious in their hair. They spend a lot to protect their hair. They also have an emotional attachment to their hair. Nguyen. The better.

The court concluded that the hair salon owed Roy $ 271,300 for the hair damage. The hair salon has the right to appeal against this decision.

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