Polytechnico de Milano reveals the secrets of the ancient Japanese tombs of Kofun (thanks to satellite photos) – Corriere.it

Polytechnico de Milano reveals the secrets of the ancient Japanese tombs of Kofun (thanks to satellite photos) - Corriere.it
From Federica Cavadini

There are hundreds of ancient burial mounds on the Japanese islands. No such study has ever been conducted in Japan, as there are numerous archeological sites and access to these sites is generally prohibited.

Ancient Japanese tombs targeted the arch of the rising sun, a deity associated with the ancient origins of their dynasty by Japanese emperors. To reveal it Study by researchers at Polytechnico di MilanoBecause of the large number of archeological sites and restrictions on access to these sites, satellite imagery was used to conduct an unprecedented study in Japan.

Research team

Leading the research team Giulio Magli is an astronomer and archaeologist, Specializing in the relationship between the architecture of ancient civilizations, landscape and celestial vaults, he did his research from Egypt to Asia: three years ago I conducted a study on Chinese imperial necropolises – he explains -. They have never been studied from the point of view of their relationship with the earth and the sky, and we have found so-called curved pyramids, not to the cardinal points. This year we studied the ancient Japanese cemeteries, which the imperial family attributes to their ancestors., They are inaccessible sites, you can not access the perimeter, it is natural to study them via satellite, never done before.

Department of Mathematics

The university has announced the publication of a study by Magmaley Mathematics in the field of mathematics by Norma Barata and Ariana Picotti: the Japanese islands have hundreds of burial mounds, the largest of which is in the shape of a hole in a lock. And are called coffins. Built between the third and seventh centuries AD, the most notable are those of the semi-legendary first emperors, while the smaller ones must have belonged to court officials and members of the royal family. Among them, the so-called Daisy Coffin is one of the largest monuments ever built on earth.: Measures 486 m long and approximately 36 m high. It is traditionally owned by Emperor Nintoku, the sixteenth emperor of Japan. Daisy is one of a number of tombs recently inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The tombs have no written sources, and excavations are rarely limited to the tombs of the earliest semi-legendary emperors, as well as being strictly protected by law. Protection extends beyond: Many monuments are fenced off and not allowed to enter the perimeter, making it impossible to obtain an accurate measure of size or height. In addition, their numbers discourage any field inquiry. So it is natural to study them with satellite images, simple but powerful tools.

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Scientific publication

In a study published in the scientific journal Remote Sensing, the researchers explained that they measured the orientation of hundreds of coffins using remote sensing: the results indicate a strong correlation between the entrance corridors of the sky with the sun and moon. It appears every day of the year and shows the direction of the giant keyhole-shaped coffin compared to the arch of the rising sun. In particular, Daisy Kofun was aimed at the rising sun at the end of winter. The direction of the imperial tombs towards the sun is in full accordance with the Japanese imperial tradition. Indeed, the ancient origins of the dynasty of Japanese emperors are considered to be direct descendants of the sun-god Amaterasu.

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