Polls Abroad: Lula Wins in 29 Countries

Polls Abroad: Lula Wins in 29 Countries

Of the total 181 recognized electoral zones abroad, elections in at least 70 countries have already concluded. According to ballot boxes posted on social media this Sunday (2), Lula da Silva (PT) would have won in 29 countries, while Jair Bolsonaro (PL) would have won in six.

PT won in China, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Palestine and Hungary. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has announced his support for BolsonaroAmong other countries.

The incumbent presidential candidate received the most votes in Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, East Timor, Mozambique and Greece. Japan is the third largest college abroad with 76,570 registered Brazilian voters.

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In total, 697,000 voters were eligible to vote abroad in these elections, an increase of 39.21% compared to 2018. As the number of voters has increased, many places have queued up to vote.

In Buenos Aires, the Argentine capital, where 51% of the country’s Brazilian electorate is concentrated, the wait time to vote was around 3 hours.

In Portugal, the second-largest Electoral College abroad, where 80,800 people could vote, voting hours were extended because of the movement. Polls that close at 17:00 are now open until 20:00 (16:00 GMT).

With 45,200 voters, Lisbon, Portugal is the city with the largest number of Brazilians eligible to vote. According to the Brazilian consulate, at least 3,000 people were still in line half an hour after the originally planned closing time.

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