Pollen and Allergies: Grasses at the top of the rankings

Pollen and Allergies: Grasses at the top of the rankings

The risk of developing grass-related allergies is very high. As most parts of the country are at high risk, you will continue to experience their effects for the next few weeks. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

This pollen season is especially viral, and many of you suffer from the effects of pollen allergies, whether it be asthma, red eyes, itchy throat or runny nose.

A few months ago, pollen Birch Experienced a very high concentration in the air. And for a few weeks, the Grasses Has been taken over. The risk of allergies associated with these pollen levels will be high across the region before they subside by the end of June. It is recommended to keep your treatments on hand for a few more weeks.

Accordingly RNSA, The risk of allergies across the country is very high and it will persist for the next few days in hot and sunny weather, which is very conducive to the excretion and diffusion of high density grass pollen in the air. Only the return of storm surges can provide local and temporary relief to allergy sufferers.

PollenNettle (From the family Urticaceae) Air throughout the country is very abundant, the risk of allergies is low, but does not exceed low.

Around the Mediterranean Sea, we find pollen OakParietaria (from the urticaceae family) and olive trees with low risk of allergies.

Pollen Banana Brown is found throughout the country, but does not bother low-risk allergy sufferers.

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The first non-allergenic chestnut pollen appears on RNSA sensors (www.pollens.fr) But without the risk associated with allergies.

Be careful TiliaAlthough they are blooming and less likely to cause allergies, they can cause allergies in your immediate vicinity, so stay away.

From June 15th to 30th, these are Ambrosia Fight Days! A good opportunity to remember that there is a platform to report ragweed plants if they are found: www.signalement-ambroisie.fr

Tip of the day : If you have never had an allergy, it is difficult to know if your symptoms may be related to your new sensitivity to pollen. If they occur mainly in childhood, allergies can also appear in adults. Between colds, fevers, colds or allergies, it is difficult to navigate. If you have minor doubts about the cause of your symptoms, consult your doctor who can guide you and advise you on what to do.

You can check all the dust forecasts for the next few days on our site along with the weather forecast for your city (at the bottom of the page). You can also find pollen data on the RNSA website: www.pollens.fr

This bulletin is updated every Friday during the pollen season.

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