Political scientist explains United States’ “psychological trick” against China: Politics: World: Lenta.ru

Political scientist explains United States' "psychological trick" against China: Politics: World: Lenta.ru

Dmitry Solonikov, a political scientist and director of the Institute of Contemporary State Development, said the US diplomatic boycott of the Olympics in China was a moral and psychological measure of the country’s hosting of international competitions. Write “News”.

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In his opinion, international sports competitions have more than once become an area where countries “measure the size of their ideological aspirations”. He described the decision as a “mental move” against Beijing.

Solonikov agreed that other countries could boycott the Olympics after the US. “It will almost certainly affect many other representatives of the world’s diplomatic corps who are listening attentively to the United States and actually subjugating them morally,” he explained.

According to experts, the host country of the Olympics is always interested in a large number of guests, because it allows them to organize discussions at various levels and show its image in international circles.

Formerly White House StatedThe U.S. leadership will not go to the Olympics to be held in Beijing from February 4 to 20, 2022. American athletes were allowed to make their own decisions about participating in the Games.

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