Polish government’s anti-Russian diversion – Corriere.it

Polish government's anti-Russian diversion - Corriere.it
Off Giuseppe Sarsina, our correspondent in Washington

Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslav Kaczynski: “If the US demands it, we will. The theory has not been discussed, but things may change.” And the US is considering strengthening NATO’s eastern front.

Poland “ready to host U.S. nuclear weaponsThe announcement was made by Jaroslav Kasinsky, 75, the country’s most important figure, the president of the ruling Law and Justice and the deputy prime minister of the executive, led by Mathews Moraviki. Kazinsky gave an interview to a German newspaper Sunday World This sentence will, above all, lead to debate: “If the Americans ask us to install their nuclear weapons in our territory, we are ready to do so. This is a move that will significantly strengthen the defense against Russia.

The Deputy Prime Minister made it clear that he had not discussed the idea with Washington or NATO. But, he added. “The situation may change soon”. It would be a radical change in Europe’s geo-military balance. However, in the American capital, this theory has never been discussed. However, another discourse applies to another proposal put forward by Kasinsky: to significantly increase the number of U.S. troops deployed in the eastern part of NATO.. The old continent now has about 100,000 American troops. About 20,000 people have been deployed along the eastern border; Tens of thousands are in Poland. Biden, the founder of Law and Justice, is asking the administration to send 50,000 more units, up to a total of 150,000. One-third of these, 50,000, should be stationed in Poland; Another 25,000 in the Baltic countries.

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Now, the figures are probably exaggerated. But there is no doubt that the Pentagon and NATO Command are considering further strengthening East front. At the extraordinary summit of the Atlantic Alliance in Brussels on March 24, all participants agreed to a progressive shift east of the Military Gravity Center. Prominent figures at the summit included Polish President Andrzej Duda and Kazinsky’s party colleague. Warsaw has been trying for weeks to provide more support for the Ukrainian resistance led by Volodymyr Selensky. Duda suggested that Vladimir Putin send a clear signal of possible NATO intervention in the event that the Russians use chemical weapons. Kaczynski takes the lead, urging NATO to “finally give Selensky the weapons it has been demanding for some time.” At the same time, the Deputy Prime Minister is inviting Western partners to “take part in a mission to Ukraine to maintain peace.”

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