Police recommend knowing what IMEI number is and why you have it


The IMEI code (International Mobile Equipment Identity // International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique combination of numbers for each smartphone that helps identify or prevent theft.

Like people, Most devices have an identification number, such as a DNI. In the case of smartphones, this number is called IMEI, for its acronym in English, there are several reasons why it is recommended to know which one is yours. Each mobile phone has its own and it has nothing to do with the mobile operator you are using, rather this number is assigned by the factory.

Why do you need to know?

If you’ve never heard this term, it’s probably because you’ve never found yourself in a situation where it’s needed. But as the police recommend, it never hurts to know which one is yours. This 15 digit number is essential to unlock your mobile phone.

In turn, when is its main use? Our phone was stolenKnowing its identification number makes it easy to identify which one it is It can prevent anyone from using it. Finally, it’s not common, but it’s useful If you are going to take your device to a technical service.

How to check my IMEI number

There are three ways to check your IMEI number. the first Goes to the box the smartphone came in and looks for a sticker In this, among other things, the device name appears next to the IMEI number, usually on a sticker or invoice attached to the phone.

The following way is the simplest, but yes, you must have mobile in your hand. Calling went to the app Enter the combination *#06# on your phone And you will automatically receive a notification with your IMEI number among other things.

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In the worst case scenario (though only for Android users), if your phone gets stolen and you can’t find the original box, you’re good to go Google Control Panel, log in with the profile associated with your smartphone. Here there is a section called Android where you can find relevant information about your smartphone like IMEI number.


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