Police promised more patrolling after the No. 80 school attack

Police promised more patrolling after the No. 80 school attack

Municipal, police and education officials held talks with locals CECO I Neighborhood in Promotion Society, After the destructive activities that affected school number 80. Concerned about the situation, they pointed out the problems in the region and possible solutions to maintain the security of the institution and the community.

Attended a meeting on Tuesday. Roberto Landoni, District Police Station Chief; Silvana Lestani Second police station chief; Lucas Rodriguez, Local police chief; Daniel Bora, Undersecretary of Security; District Head of Education, Julio Benitez; And Bruno de Carlo School Council President Diego Robiani, Undersecretary for Human Development and Quality of Municipal Life.

He appeared for the neighbors Gabriel Castro, President of the Promotion Society; The education community presented officials from the three institutions that carry out their activities in the building.

Neighbors’ complaints about security and patrolling in the neighborhood were on the axis of the meeting, and in the face of this situation, the district police station chief, Roberto Landoni promises more intensive patrolling In addition to providing staff on foot, to maintain the education sector.

On the other hand, the claims of those who were there are closely related to the events that took place School N ° 80 this past weekend Therefore, they demanded that the security of the institution should be increased. The school council responded that it was going to help considering this need. One of the ideas of this meeting was to install security cameras inside, and this proposal is not rejected.

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From Municipality, Diego Robiani cThey confirmed the availability of a territorial table that provides sustainable dialogue with the community, neighborhood institutions, educational institutions, and the security sector. “The idea is to have a meeting next week and to be on time to resolve the neighborhood issue.” The official clarified.

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