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Police in riot gear storm a rally in Chile on Friday, marking the 48th anniversary of the coup.

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There was confession between protesters and police in protesting and police in protests in the 12th anniversary of the Socialist Salvador Alanoi government in Chile.

With flags from Chile, the Communist Party, and other left-wing political groups, hundreds of people lay flowers at Allende’s Memorial near La Mona’s Palace – in downtown Santiago. The term of the Socialist President is over.

The coup led to the bloody dictatorship in Latin America, led by Pinochet for 17 years, when more than 3,200 people died and went missing, and 40,000 were tortured, according to official official data.

“This is a painful September 11, because we’re experiencing human rights violations again, and we hope these violations never happen again because the celebrations in Chile and the world have been affected,” said Lorina Pizarro, president of the Association of Prisoners.

Demonstration in Santiago on the 48th anniversary of Pinochet’s coup against Salvador Alland – Photo: AFP / Martin Bernetti

Thousands of people marched through Alameda, Santiago’s main thoroughfare, and some damage to public transportation and fires robbed stores.

During the annual pilgrimage, protesters went to the city’s public cemetery, where there were again police and clashes, who dispersed the crowd with water and tear gas launchers. At least six people were arrested.

“The Constitution should not repeat the convention (human rights violations) and should be responsible for the guarantees of the armed forces and the police,” Pizarro added.

Dozens of military officials and dictatorial agents were convicted in Chile of crimes committed during the dictatorship, while Italian justice in August demanded the extradition of three former soldiers who killed two Italians during the Pinochet regime.

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