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Police chief suspended for showing badge to officer to avoid fine –

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The woman is stopped with her husband for a traffic violation and she says on the policeman’s body camera: I hope you’ll let us go.

to avoid fineHe showed a Agent is your badge. Maybe she didn’t realize what she shot Body camera The colleague (subordinate) wears or may have underestimated the seriousness of his behavior. Mary O’Connor, Chief of Police Tampa, Florida, Stata Suspended For her behavior towards a policeman who stopped her and her husband for violating the highway code. According to US news agencies, the two were stopped while walking around one public road In one of the carts used on golf courses without permission, as the vehicle is a vehicle without license plates. When the agent stopped them by reporting them Violation, the woman who first asked if the officer’s camera was in service, then introduced herself and said, “I hope they’ll let us go tonight.” At that point O’Connor showed up Police badgesThen thanked him, gave him his business card, and if you need anything call me, I’m serious, and finally shook his hand. Thank you for your servicehe added without showing any embarrassment.

The whole scene was shot by `Body-cam The agent wears. The incident was on November 12, video Published by CNNWho got it from the sheriff’s office Pinellas County, quickly went viral, sparking a wave of outrage. The police could not help but take the suspension decision. O’Connor Publicly apologized to someone Written statement. “It’s a mistake on our part to drive on public roads with a vehicle without a license plate,” he declared. This is the first time – we are leaving our own accommodation – he added. I understand – he continued – that my way of handling this situation may seem inappropriate, but that was certainly not my intention. I knew the conversation would end up on video and I didn’t want to put the agent in a bad position. I have personally called the Pinellas County Sheriff to pay any possible fines. However, an apology doesn’t seem to be enough right now. Everything – said Sindaka of Tampa, Jane Castor – They must answer for their actions, in which position they sit. This attitude was unacceptable. Chief O’Connor will go through the whole process and face the consequences. The mayor announced on Friday that the manager had been suspended. In his place, he has now been appointed deputy.

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