Poland prevents the EU from receiving the lowest taxes in the economy

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Today, Poland is the only EU country to block the adoption of Ecofin, the global agreement on the lowest tax for multinational companies. Despite the amendments, Polish Finance Minister Magdalena Rasekovska said Warsaw was concerned about the different deadlines for adopting the two pillars of the reform. The compromise is “not a legally binding solution to ensure that the first pillar and the second pillar come into force at the same time”, he stressed.
As far as we know, Hungary would have given the green light today, but its political resistance is well known.
Valdis Dombrovsky, vice president of the European Commission, hopes to reach an agreement on May 24 at the next Ecofin.
The reasons for pushing Warsaw to suspend the deal are “a mystery”, said Bruno Le Meyer, the French finance minister in charge of the current EU presidency, who said he was “not completely convinced” of Warsaw’s position. “All technical difficulties have been resolved,” the minister explained, recalling the actions in Paris in response to observations made in recent months and weeks by various countries such as Ireland, Estonia, Sweden and Malta. I hope the Irish spirit inspires those who are still as hostile as Warsaw, he added. (On the handle).

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