Poland has prevented multinational companies in Europe from receiving the lowest taxes

Poland has prevented multinational companies in Europe from receiving the lowest taxes

A few days before the presidential election, McKinsey’s relationship embarrassed Emmanuel Macron, who had hoped for partial salvation from the Republican presidential candidate, Brussels. Europeans have been debating for weeks the draft proposal to impose a 15% minimum tax on companies with a turnover of more than 750 million euros, so they want to convince the head of state to force McKinsey to pay taxes. France.

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Emmanuel Macron reckons the 27 finance ministers who met in Luxembourg on Tuesday, April 5, will find an agreement on the issue. Although Bruno Le Meyer used all his energy and knowledge to achieve effectiveness, he did not achieve his goals.

At the last Ecofin meeting on March 15, a number of reluctant member states – Estonia, Malta, Sweden, made arrangements, including assurances that the text would not take effect on March 1.Is January, but December 31, 2023. As Hungary did in March, they moved their protests on Tuesday. Today, Poland stands alone in opposing the imposition of a minimum tax on multinational corporations. In fact, the Warsaw text prevents the community from making unanimous decisions on tax matters.

“Another reason for blocking”

At the meeting of finance ministers, Bruno Le Meyer sought to show strength by hoping to bring Warsaw back to a more positive attitude. Ministers or delegates from 15 countries – Estonia, Malta, Sweden, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Latvia, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Croatia, Portugal and Ireland – spoke in support of the draft resolution. The French minister read a sentence in unison and with visible uneasiness to reiterate his disapproval of the Polish Secretary of State Magdalena Rasekoskovskaya.

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“It’s been five years since the President of the Republic and I fought for the imposition of the lowest corporate tax in Europe.”, The mayor in Bruno recalled Tuesday. In October 2021, 136 OECD countries agreed to this goal, so Europeans decided to translate it into a proposal as soon as possible. They acknowledged that digital giants and other multinationals pay taxes in the countries where they make their money and do not send all their profits to the more lenient skies.

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