point of view. Brexit: This agreement opens the door to “Brexitternity” of negotiations

point of view.  Brexit: This agreement opens the door to "Brexitternity" of negotiations

This is the first time, In history, A trade agreement increases, does not decrease, trade barriers. From January 1, customs inspectors will be required to inspect all goods and food between England and the continent.

do not forget Truckers are waiting Will try to enter France. The queues in Dover and Calais will soon be longer as 10,000 trucks cross the channel every day when they enter the European Union Customs Union.

The European Union employs 40,000 people in its institutions. The UK needs to hire 50,000 to 60,000 new customs officers to fill in the millions of forms for every big business or person who wants to buy something in Europe or sell something in France.

Good for Europe

The European Union negotiated a very beneficial agreement. It continues to export products, especially food, which gives the EU a trade surplus of 100 million euros each year. The agreement is based on the nineteenth-century economy of manufactured goods and food.

Britain’s wealth lies in the invisible service economy of the 21st century. But our bankers, economists, currency traders, international lawyers, management consultants, film and television producers, editors, singers, musicians and artists cannot trade freely with Europe without obtaining visas and approval. One on each visit.

The European capitals, Amsterdam, Dublin, and Frankfurt, will relocate the city to Paris, where no one of English descent can navigate.

A win for Barnier

Was a great winner Michael Barnier. He was patient, friendly, firm and compelled London to accept most of the demands of the European Union. Last year Boris Johnson came to see Barnier and asked for a contract. Barnier gave him something that Theresa May had given him. They rejected it because Ireland’s UK base in the northeastern part of the island would remain subject to EU rules for trade purposes.

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Johnson was not interested in Northern Ireland and, like most people in England, was happy to agree to live in a republic in the small northeastern corner of the island of Ireland.

Based on the Barnier offer, he won an excellent majority in December 2019. Now he claims great success in this deal. Barnier won with the support of President Macron and Chancellor Merkel.

London depends on European standards

The UK is still losing business. It must comply with EU rules and standards regarding workers’ rights, the environment and public subsidies. Customs will inspect goods and food between England and Northern Ireland.

Johnson agreed that access to Gibraltar would be controlled by the European Union and Frontex, the EU’s border agency. This is a long-standing request from Madrid, who are very happy that Gibraltar has been liberated from London. After 20 years of hate campaigns against Europe, everyone in the UK is tired and exhausted. They want Brexit to end, but they still do not understand that it is beginning.

Johnson will secure a majority in parliament but his problems will begin. Millions of young people will lose their parents’ access to travel, work, stay or retire in Europe without applying for a visa or special permit. They will miss out on EU genetic treatment and cell phone use will become more expensive.

Scotland to independence?

The people of Scotland voted to stay in the European Union. They believe that an elite in southern England, led by Boris Johnson, stole their Scottish birthright to be European. The strangeness of the referendum on the separation of Scotland from England Increase every day. The Queen will be able to end her reign as Queen of England, not as the United Kingdom.

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In Washington and Beijing, Delhi, there is no daily access to European policymakers to Brussels or monthly meetings with other EU government officials in London. Gradually, these unpleasant truths will be revealed. Like Switzerland, which has been negotiating with the European Union since 1993, London will soon find itself resuming talks with Brussels to resolve the 1,001 trade issues not covered by the agreement.

Brexit is a loss-making, and although the main winner of this deal is the European Union, the power and image of Europe remains weakened by the fact that Britain is no longer a member of the treaty.

Denis McCain is a former European minister under Tony Blair. His latest book is Brexitternity. The Indefinite Judgment Britain ”(published by IB Touris).

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