P&O ferries between Calais and Dover are still suspended over Easter weekend.

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A company spokesman explained that there was “no indication” of a date for the resumption of traffic.

P&O Ferries, which had hoped to resume service between Calais and Dover for Easter after nearly a month of disruption, could not restart the connection before the weekend, which promises to be busy with traffic. Traffic has finally been suspended and there are “no indications” of a resumption of boat traffic on this route, a company spokesman said.

The other day, the ship of the company ‘Spirit of Britain’ was intercepted by the Maritime and Coast Guard Agency (MCA) due to several security issues found during an inspection. Authorities have also frozen another ship in the P&O fleet commonly used to build the Dover-Calis link, while a third that has not yet been inspected is out of circulation.

The company said in a statement that it would unconditionally apologize to all customers who canceled trips due to their inability to navigate. Passengers will have the opportunity to travel for free on P&O’s Hull-Rotterdam link or on its rival Britanni Ferry boats between Portsmouth and Cain. Passengers can request a full refund and a free ticket for future travel, the company said in a statement.

800 licensed sailors

Following the brutal dismissal of about 800 sailors on March 17, P&O Ferries suspended its service between Dover and the port of Calais (northern France), sparking a wave of anger in the United Kingdom. Workers were replaced by outsourced workers, mostly foreigners and those below the minimum wage.

In addition to crossings to the Netherlands, part of the P&O link between Scotland and Northern Ireland was suspended and then reopened. The suspension of channel crossings by P&O ferries led to the formation of a long line of trucks approaching Dover, the main cross-channel port on the English side.

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The British Ministry of Transport expects a busy weekend, not only on roads and trains, but also at airports, experiencing weeks of long queues and even cancellations of flights due to severe staff shortages.

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