PNRR: Minor Intervention and Transparency of Associations (04/05/2021)

PNRR: Minor Intervention and Transparency of Associations (04/05/2021)

“If the purpose of the PNRR is the recovery and restoration of our country, it is not possible without the participation of citizens in the elections and proposals contained therein, and in the monitoring of projects that translate into concrete interventions. There for this It is unacceptable that a multinational project of this magnitude, which significantly affects future generations and all citizens, has committed so much sin in terms of transparency and participation. In this regard, the conditions of the next generation of the European Union were completely ignored, and the need for the inclusion of social forces and civil society in the recognition and implementation of the PNRR, among other indications, was exemplified in France, Ireland and Portugal ”.

This was made clear by organizations promoting the Civic Observatory at PNRR, which was born as part of the Follow the Money campaign. Festival of Partnership 2020. The organizations point out that in the face of this unacceptable vacuum at the level of participatory democracy, the will of the citizens has not been raised even through the normal methods of representative democracy, as Parliament received the document 24 hours ago. The presentation to the Chambers should be limited to the adoption of two majority resolutions without at least discussing the content.

In relation to the aspect of civic participation, associations demand a decisive change in the PNRR. The Budget Act of 2021 requires that within 60 days of its approval, the Ministry of Finance and Finance must prepare an order that will never be issued, providing a tool for accessing PNRR data.

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To date, the organizing committee has not provided any information on the allocation of resources for individual missions or components, and the portal, which is intended to be a communications tool for PNR plans. We will explain a proposal and there should be an institutional monitoring process on cost, implementation and project outcomes ”.

All organizations and materials from the Observatory are available On this site, Online from today.

Promoted by Civic Observatory at PNRR: Action Aid, CitadinanSativa, Legambiant, Slow Food. So far they have joined: Aladdin Pensiro, Amapola, Assoc. Mondragon Ben Commune, Assoc. Union Confederation, Fontaka, Baso Foundation Foundation, Welfa Foundation Foundation, Ethics Foundation Foundation, Infonodes, Lunaria / Esbilanziamosi, Mappina, Monithon, Ondata, Onyx Women’s Alliance, Good Lobby, Transparency, Vita.

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