PM insecurity: Military police patrol Bogota’s most unsafe areas

PM insecurity: Military police patrol Bogota's most unsafe areas

This Monday morning, September 13, the Mayor of Bogota, Claudia Lopez, Phenalco met with traders in Bogota, expressed concerns Security issues, The Union proposed to militarize the city, however, and the district rejected this possibility. But after several conversations he agreed to request the strengthening of the military police attached to the Thirteenth Brigade of the Army.

“On Under no circumstances will Bogota be militarized, But If we think it is convenient to support military personnel Bogot Metropolitan Police In two very specific jobs: patrolling to prevent crime and disarmament checkpoints in some critical areas where theft is a problem, ”said Bogota Mayor Claudia Lopez.

Security Secretary Anabel Fernandez de Soto highlighted Advancing in security Achieved through clear work between the district, police and merchants, “Thanks to the strengthening of security nets between merchants and police, support for private surveillance and reactivation of commerce, businesses are safe for citizens today, which translates to attracting investors and creating additional value and revenue for the commercial sector,” he assured.

In this sense, the mayor pointed out that work will continue this year to get external cameras for commercial establishments. “Traders have cameras not only inside but also outside. He also explained that this camera is connected to the C4 of our police and the Security of Security.

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