Plerin – Forms a double committee in place of Plerin

Plerin - Forms a double committee in place of Plerin

The three municipalities that Florin doubled between 1986 and 2004 were Herzogenaurat, Germany, Cookstown, Northern Ireland, and Wronkie, Poland. Fewer foreign hosts have been disconnected and almost non-existent over the past decade. Will the new advisory board give new impetus to the twins? Nevertheless, its declared mission is to “organize and coordinate cultural, sporting, economic and educational exchanges and contribute to the monitoring of relations between the twin cities.”

A call to fluorine

To do this, 18 members have already been elected under the chairmanship of Deputy Mayor Christine Daniel: Ma Henryl Henry, Kristin Houssin, Lawrence Andre, Miriam Del Soto, Michael Keyonard, Guono Sou Labyrinth, Isabel Castillo (elected College); Representatives of two colleges, public and private schools (college life education); Opak, WHO at the Moto Touring Club, the Music and Dance Association or their representatives (Community Life College); The mayor appointed La Mus Bouche, Sani Comfort and ARC for the College of Economic Life. At the last municipal council, Ronan Kerdron assured, “But I will accept other players in the economic power of the area.

From now on, the College Civil Society is left to write a maximum of ten Plarines. Volunteers are invited to apply for the final position of Mayor from January 18 to February 10, 2021.

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