PlayStation Direct: Sony plans PS5 direct sale in Germany (update)

Bislang vertreibt Sony Interactive das PlayStation-Sortiment ausschließlich über Einzelhändler wie Saturn - demnächst wird sich das ändern.

So far, the Sony Interactive PlayStation range has only been sold through retailers like Saturn – and that will change soon.

Sony Interactive is planning an online factory outlet for the PlayStation 5 & Coy: PlayStation Direct will be live in 2021, including Germany.

We will update 27. May 2021: As part of A Investment presentation Details of the schedule for the launch of the PlayStation Direct in Europe were first announced by Sony Interactive. Accordingly, the online shop should start as early as 2021 – in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Great Britain and Ireland. In the US, Sony already sells PlayStation consoles and accessory accessories.

Sony Interactive expects sales of this division to be at least $ 600 million (approximately 0 490 million) for the full year 2021.

So far, Sony Interactive Entertainment Germany has sold the entire PlayStation 5 series GMBH only through retailers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Since its launch in November 2020, the original console has been offered by over 30 authorized retail partners in German-speaking countries, which usually sells within minutes. Sales are done through small and large mail order companies, and online stores of electronics stores and toy retailers.

Update from March 29, 2021: Sony Interactive has now found the director position it announced in December for PlayStation Direct Europe – at least the relevant job advertisement has disappeared from relevant job portals.

Additionally, other posts, including one, are now being filled “E-Commerce Supply Manager” For the European headquarters in London. Among other things, the new employee will coordinate and monitor the availability of items in the planned online shop, where PlayStation consoles, games, and accessories will be available for immediate purchase.

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You can already see how it looks in practice in the US shop, there, among other things PlayStation 5 is also listed is – at least in theory. In Europe, periodically sold consoles can still be used Especially Available from authorized Sony dealers. Due to current restrictions in the retail sector, sales across Europe are mostly by shipping or collection (click & collect).

Here’s a list of regularly updated distribution sources, including a log of upcoming or current PlayStation 5 sales campaigns.

News from December 21, 2020: This personality must be set in the mindset of the already broken video game retail alarm in Europe: Sony Interactive seeks By posting work Headquartered at PlayStation Direct Europe, headquartered in Sony Interactive Europe, London. Ancillary Test Run has been running in the USA since September 2019. Expansion in Europe is now coordinating from there.

The best job preconditions are at least ten years of e-commerce experience and flexibility with working hours. – Compensation includes 25 days of vacation per year, personal health insurance, bonuses, free drinks, and access to an in-house fitness studio with bike station and shower facilities.

Sony follows the example of other consumer electronics companies such as AppleThose who have been selling products through their in-house online shop for a long time. Xbox rival Microsoft also has a web shop.

So far, Sony Interactive is selling exclusively Digital PlayStation Games, online service PlayStation Plus, streaming service PlayStation no. And products through their own websites and platforms such as About 15% of Sony’s revenue is already in the PlayStation Store & Services segment – there is room for improvement.

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PlayStation 5 Series – Console, Charging Station, Controller, Headset, Camera, Remote Control – Available only from authorized retailers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Anyone who wants to buy game consoles and accessories currently on the German PlayStation website can become an official official partner. Amazon* Redirected to Mediamark, Saturn, Gamestop, Auto or Expert.

The PlayStation 5 is currently on sale across Europe. Further sales waves and pre-order delivery are not expected until January 2021. The sale of the next generation console (pre) in September led to the collapse of online shops and overweight inventory management systems. Both console models will not be offered at stationery retail until further notice.

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