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Plant diseases that have changed the world.

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All “Spore” podcasts are available from today:

Tulip fever
The long journey of the Basil drought
Coffee rust in Ceylon
Potato drought in Ireland: people running
Xylella destroys the olive trees in Puglia

An original production in collaboration with Tangram Titro.

With “Olive trees in Puglia are not destroyed by sail” Ends today, Friday, February 19th, Weekly podcast publication “Sport”: Five stories, five plant diseases that shocked the world economy and society. A Journey into the Past, Present, and Future through five episodes taken independently from the book “Sport” (Edited by Daniela Piazza) Maria Lodovica Gullino, Director Agroinova, Center for Eligibility for Agro-Environmental Innovation at the University of Turin.

Thank you for your valuable cooperation Thangram Theater in Turin, “Sport – Podcast” Bruno uses and succeeds with the majestic voices of Maria Ferraro, Patricia Posci and Celeste Gugliandolo Ivana Ferry, Historical and scientific concepts, songs and poems that excite the listener.

We wanted to tell some stories of old and current plant diseases – Explains Maria Lodovica GullinoPlant diseases have often more or less silently affected our lives. 2020 reminded us that in addition to humans, there are plants and the environment. So we have selected five plant diseases that we believe are the most important and the most valuable, if you are interested, three from the old one and one from today. It is no coincidence that we begin in 1845, with the end of the potato drought in Ireland ending in Xylella, as everyone knows, destroying the olive trees in Puglia. Diseases that have many stories and curiosities, that are beautifully told and recited. ”I will make this material available to plant pathology students next semester. – Agroinova Director Continues – Who knows if in this way my students can learn our discipline in a more interesting way, while getting closer to the world of drama. It’s still an interesting experiment. “

Stories are born out of the book Fertilization Maria Lodovica Gullino wrote in 2014 with great passion on her subject and plant pathology, through the events of her life, treating many of the plant diseases we all know today, but in a superficial way.

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Since January 22, Every Friday, Agroinova and the Tangram Theater They said Tulip fever, The great economic crisis of the seventeenth century, including the Netherlands and its tulips; Destruction Genoese Basil Written by Peronospora In the early years of the new millennium; The radical changes in the agrarian economy of Sri Lanka are mainly due to the fact that tea is popular today, but was once a major producer. Coffee, Until the causative agent of coffee rust arrives; The Great Irish Famine of 1845 following the invasion Poison on potatoes. The latest episode of “Spoor”, available from 6.00 pm today, is dedicated to the latest outbreak of bacteria that have destroyed the olive trees in the beloved region of southern Italy. It was not reported in Italy until 2013, but has been known in the United States for over 150 years, in vines and other organisms, known as Pierce’s disease. Not Sail It literally destroyed Salento and brought to an end an agrarian economy with ancient traditions and centuries-old vegetation.

The “Sport” podcast was distributed and will be available Dedicated site (, On Plant Health 2020 Festival Website (, Its Spotify e Apple Podcasts.

The project is ongoing Festival Plant Health2020, organized by Agroinova (University of Turin University Center for Agro-Environmental Innovation), Piedmont Region, City of Turin, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, Italian Society Plant Pathology, UNICEF Italy, Italian Federation of Life Sciences, Italian Federation of Life Sciences, And with the contribution of CCAA of Smart.

Agroinova has assets A website (, A Facebook page (plepiantealcentro) And an Instagram profile (plepiantealcentro) To tell stories, themes and activities focusing on “Le Piant, Al Center”.

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