Planet one and a half times larger than Jupiter: Indian scientists discover

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Bangalore: The Ahmedabad-based physics laboratory has discovered an asteroid one and a half times the size of Jupiter.

The Mount Abu Van Observatory in Rajasthan has a 1.2 meter telescope. Paras (PRL Advanced Radial-Velocity Abu-Sky Search) optical piper-beat spectrograph instrument was used to detect this alien.

Named TOI 1789b, the extraterrestrial is 70 percent larger and 1.4 times larger than Jupiter. According to the ISRO, the planet orbits near an old star 1.5 times heavier than the Sun. It is 725 light years away.

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The alien was discovered by a team led by Professor Abhijit Chakraborty. His team includes students, team members and European and American partners. This is the second alien planet to be detected using the Paras on the Mount Abu Telescope. In 2018, K2-236B, a planet 600 light-years away, was first discovered.


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