Plane crashes with 132 people on fire in China: fire China Eastern stopped all their Boeing 737-800 aircraft

Plane crashes with 132 people on fire in China: fire  China Eastern stopped all their Boeing 737-800 aircraft

An airline plane China Eastern Is left with 132 people on board Crashes into a forest in the southern province Guangxi. No information was available about the passengers and 9 crew Boeing 737-800 Came out Kunming And suggested Guangzhou: The budget seems to be high from the images circulating on social channels. In fact, pieces of the aircraft can be seen scattered in a mountainous area, while A.S. Fire Spread out in the woods. The authorities also confirmed the information Beijing.

According to the latest reconstructions, I need MU5735 Was traveling at altitude 8,869 m And speed 845 km / h Went to Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong. The plane suddenly lost altitude An hour later After taking off from the airport Kunming ChangshuiAll rights reserved 14:19At 14:21, the radar signal disappeared. ‘S data Show Height E Constant speed Until the moment of an unexpected crash on the ground. China Eastern He announced that all 102 of his men had been arrested for security reasons Boeing 737-800. It is one of the Boeing 737-800 aircraft More popular In the world for flights Short and medium range: And more 5 million Models distributed worldwide are active among companies such as American Airlines, Ryanair, Fly Dubai and Qantas. Plane in danger Life under 7 years, So young. Not to be confused with that Boeing 737 Max There were other safety issues: 346 people were killed in two serious accidents involving the plane Lion Air 610 And aircraft Ethiopian Airlines 302.

The State Council (Central Government of Beijing) has appointed ad hoc officials to coordinate and manage the emergency. Chinese President, Shi Jinping, Requires that “total efforts” be made in the activities of Rescue operation Following the crash. Meanwhile, the Chinese Civil Aviation Body, Cock (Civil Aviation Administration of China) sent a team to the scene Firefighters Guangxi said capture work was in progress Under control A huge fire broke out on the side of the mountain. Satellite images of NASA Show the flames in the area where the plane crashed.

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None of the 123 passengers on board the Boeing 737-800 were foreigners. Meanwhile, the Chinese media reported the matter Italian Embassy In Beijing he confirmed the absence of Companions. “I studied with him Great sorrow China Eastern Flight 5735 en route to Canton crashes in Guangxi Mountains. As the relief work progresses, Mr. President, I would like to say the most to you and your friend the Chinese people. Condolences Demonstrations of sincerity and compassion for the Italian Republic Condolences My personal message to all Italians “. This is the message from the President of the Republic. Sergio MatterlaSent to President Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of China.

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