Places we should never keep our mobile phones

mobilni telefon krevet spavanje

It is common knowledge that mobile phones should not be held close to the head, but there is more.

Never store your mobile phone in the following places:

In your pocket

Although almost everyone does, it is not advisable to carry a cell phone in your pocket because their screens are touch sensitive and you can easily call an emergency number without realizing it. That sounds crazy until you hear that 30 percent of emergency calls are accidental. 15 mm distance from the body is generally recommended and this is unhealthy. Let’s not forget about the potential damage to the device itself, Danas reports.

with the skin

Bacteria from the screen move to the face, so they can cause acne or some other skin conditions. Also, electromagnetic radiation becomes stronger. The above mentioned distance should also be taken care of while talking on the mobile phone.

In hot places

High temperatures are harmful to electronics, so it is not recommended to leave the mobile phone in a car or on the beach where it is exposed to the sun or any heat source, portal writes.

Under the pillow

If you get notifications and the screen lights up at night, it negatively affects the production of melatonin, which leads to sleep problems. There have been cases of phone explosions and fires. Covering the mobile phone with a pillow increases the risk of overheating, especially when charging.

On the charger

Of course, charging your mobile phone will not directly harm your health, but it is better not to charge your mobile phone overnight, it will shorten the life of the battery.

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In cold places

If it’s cold outside and the temperature drops below zero, don’t leave your mobile phone outside or in the car for a long time. The temperature difference is very harmful to the equipment, because when returning to a hot place, condensation occurs, which can lead to failure. Protecting your cell phone with a mask wouldn’t hurt.

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