Places to visit in 2021 Baron in Ireland

Places to visit in 2021 Baron in Ireland

The Baron and Cliffs at Mohar Geopark de Ireland According to the Lonely Planet Travel Guides, Travel 2021 is one of the best destinations to visit next year. This dream tourist center was in the category of “Best Community Tourism Project” along with ten other places Search for a regenerative journey, In a sustainable location that connects with local communities and the region for a more integrated approach to tourism.

Therefore, Baron in Ireland, one of the best examples of sustainable tourism in the world, fits this situation perfectly. In fact it is a beautiful one Area that is part of County Clare The wind blows through the famous Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland. A limestone area fromStunning landscape The moon is one of the largest plants in Europe, growing rare and wonderful orchids with special flora.

There is actually a lot in this “Wonderland” 35,000 hectares covered with limestone Here Mediterranean and Arctic-alpine plants run into each other and create precious paintings between petals and stems: here you can see three-quarters Irish wildflowers And no less than 23 beautiful orchids. You can appreciate an area of ​​archaeological importance Dolmen of Polnabron, An ancient Dolman of the Neolithic period, made of a 3.5 m long stone slab, supported by two vertical stones. From the beautiful cliffs of the 215 m high Mohar offers a unique and attractive vantage point for travelers.

Between events and other initiatives, at least 60 local businesses that care about and create this destination are joining nature with sustainable “good deeds” promoted here. Baron Ecotourism Network More and more trendy among travelers to share strategies for responsible and sustainable tourism. This allowed Barren to become a “European Destination of Excellence” and a destination for those seeking an authoritative confrontation with Ireland, and the Italians were even more in love.

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A sum: This is not the first time Ireland has appeared on the list of best on the go. The final edition, for example, included Galway in the top 10 cities of 2020.

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