Pizza, Ryan Air: 500 Weekly Flights to Europe During the Summer – Finance

Pizza, Ryan Air: 500 Weekly Flights to Europe During the Summer - Finance

Pizza, 23 March 2022 – «Pizza is one of our main attractions in Italy 8 flightsThree of these will be the environmentally efficient Boeing 737 8-200 ‘game changer’, which represents investment. More than $ 800 million It offers 240 direct jobs and more than 2,700 indirect jobs. Said Ryan Air’s Commercial Director. Jason McGuinness, Galilee Pizza Airport presents the summer of 2022 today. പി Ryanair from Pizza will be running next summer at 5 p.m.00 weekly flightsMore than 90 before the Pandemic, offering better European destinations and providing significant stimulus Tourism in Tuscany: We worked closely with our partners at Pizza Airport, the Commercial Director added.

Second Marco Carrey, President of Toscana Aeroporti is the resumption of operations of the Irish company Restart signal Important not only for the airport, but for all connections throughout Tuscany.

Ryan Air of Italy

Total number of low cost airlines in Italy More than 90 flightsInvestment More than 9 billion Dollars and more 3 thousand jobs More than 40,000 at 29 airports in the aviation sector.

Requesting the Government

The Ryanair manager repeated this request to the government Tax reliefStarting from terminationMunicipal Surcharge It exists in Italy from 2022 to 2025, but not elsewhere, and is likely to compromise the country’s competitiveness. Spain, Portugal, GreeceRyanair’s commercial director underlined, “They have promised a 24-month tax cut to support the post-Covid recovery, while Italy has yet to take action.” Support for recovery Of air traffic “.

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