Pixel & Pixel 6 Pro: Users report problems with cellular reception – Google responds to reports


Users of Pixel 6-smartphones Problems with the cellular connection, either malfunctioning or not being established. The community quickly realized that the December update was the culprit for the erroneous rollout, but now a googler said: There was no rollout of an incompatible version.

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Good to forget, but the smartphone is still a phone. Accordingly, some people may want to make phone calls and of course use a data connection while traveling. But Pixel 6 users have been reporting a lot ever since December update Because there are serious connection issues. In some, it is no longer possible to establish a cellular connection, while in others it is very shaky or breaks down after a few seconds. You can find details about this here In this article.

Now a Googler is outspoken and claiming that this is not a rollout of the wrong version. All users may have the appropriate version for their smartphone and their configuration: A1 for globally unlocked smartphones, and A4 for certain network operators. It’s a good thing that everything is alright and there is no need to fear further problems, but it does not solve the current situation.

According to their own statements, they are currently “actively investigating” – they are investigating the problem and will publish more information as soon as the problem is found and resolved. However, the next security update may take until early January. So sufferers will have to wait patiently for another three weeks or have their device reset. Turning off adaptive connectivity will also help.

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